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Sunday, 21 October 2012

In which I am already thinking about Christmas

 We took a lot of photos in the park the other day and when I went through them all I look Exactly the Same in nearly every picture. My expression doesn't change and my pose only goes as far as standing up or sitting down. That's because it was actually really cold! I also wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic about the outfit. Obviously I am sharing the pictures anyway, but it is by no means my favourite of things I have worn lately. I've also shared pictures of most of the separate bits before, but it's always good to try new things. I think the black and white skirt is going to be great in winter because the print is kind of Christmass-y as is.

Talking of Christmas I am so excited about it now. I know it is really far away but Paperchase has a big display of decorations which have me squeeing all over the place. I am a massive Paperchase fan, sometimes I just go in and look at all the pretty lunchboxes to cheer me up on a sad day. Although the two of us have lived together with housemates before, and spent Christmas at my parents together before this is the first time we have a place of our own at this time of year and Andy has suggested that we get a tree and decorate! I hadn't thought about that at all until this week because we had spent so much time thinking about which parents to go to. Now that he has said we should decorate our home too Andy has unleashed the gates of excitement and now I just want to buy loads of little wooden figures and snowflake decorations and the whole thing! Bit too early for all this enthusiasm I know, but I do just love Christmas.
This is what I want for our yet-to-be-bought tree. I love this style of decoration.

The bench is weird. With it's weird creepy hands and various carved faces. I have no idea what it is about.

soft, soft, soft, soft. Mmmm. The scarf is the cuddliest thing yet.

The matching hat to the scarf has not won my love yet. This is me kind of unconvinced by it.

Before getting this close to the plant to take photos I never realised that poppys were so sharp.

I'm cheating and using the settings on my camera which exagerate colour, but wow this was beautiful anyway.


  1. i LOVE that bag and your skirt! both are so pretty! love them

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  2. oh my goodness!! We have ALL of those ornaments!! I love them so much, they always give me a little lift of the spirits around Christmas :) Excellent choice