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Sunday, 23 September 2012

In which there is space/Samus Lego

 In my latest post I mentioned that I received some Lego for my birthday. For me Lego has several stages of fun -the building, the building take 2, finding a place to show it off and taking lots of photographs. I am particularly proud of the new figure I have made out of the birthday parts and I am going to talk you throughhow she came about.
New space patrol figure, all epitome of masculinity with his stubble and his broad shoulders and his double barrelled space gun.

He has two possible faces. One with target locking and:

Helmet off and his grinning face and bionic eye are shown.

But look! Oh no! A laser blast to the chest and a blonde haired lady astronaut has taken him down. (I got her for my birthday too)

 Ok. So you've been introduced to the new space figure which I love. I then took the cave girl's hair (and the other space woman's silver lipstick).

And made the new Space Patrol member: 

She is seriously The Best Minifigure Ever.

Look at that smile! She's like Samus. I know Samus has different hair, but it's that idea! I love her.

Then I took my Stunt Guy's hair, the pink astronaut and the original patrol guy's face. 
From this...

...to this!

I also got this conquistador figure as a surprise little present from Andy several weeks ago.

Now it's me! Sort of. Well I have an epee. But not a suit of armour. YET!
 The main Lego set I got for my birthday from Andy was this one from the Monster Fighters series. It's a very interesting series because it has a lot of steampunk elements. Several of the figures whilst dressed in victorian outfits have robotic body parts. Plus there is a mixed use of guns and swords for taking down monsters. And, although mostly male, the monster fighting team includes one woman: Ann Lee.

And a skeletal horse with flame eyes. We all need one of these in our lives.

Don't mess with someone who keeps a crossbow bolt in their hair.

AAAh! A mummy at the end of my crossbow fire.
I had so much fun taking these pictures and playing with Lego while we have torrential rain outside. Thank you all for the indulgence.


  1. Haha, these are so cute! I have never played/ built with lego's, but maybe I need to give it a try! Lovely post ;)


  2. These are great! I love how creative you got with them. I used to have a bit of a hateful relationship with lego after too many lego piece and foot encounters, but I seriously want that monster fighting set, the skeletal horse is brilliant.

  3. i love legos!!! this post is so much fun - have you ever done the create your own mini fig thing?

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  4. I give my fiance a little lego minifigure every year as one of his birthdays! They are just so much fun!

  5. These are awesome!

    I bought some Lego for my nephew for his birthday. But heck, Lego isn't just for kids! xo

  6. I am following you now via bloglovin.
    I look forward to reading your future posts :)