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Thursday, 27 September 2012

In which I meditate on meeting your heroes and like elephants

If you are just here for the fashion and prancing you can read the first paragrpah, skip the rest and go to the pics because all the rest is meditating on meeting your heroes. Which kind of happened this week. 

The outfit I am wearing in these photos went through several developments before this look was chosen. I originally wore the dress with a skirt over the top and then whined that I looked a bit too hippyish with no straight lines in my look. My boy did not get these complaints. Then I took the skirt off and wore shorts and little socks with bows on and a blazer and then accused myself of looking like a Chalet School on the weekend. Then I added my new scarf! On my birthday post I said I had four new scarves which I will be showing you over a steady period. This one is my elephant one and is super soft, like cuddling to send you to sleep soft. And after all that I was ready to set off into town for some photographs!  

This week I got to meet Mike Carey which was a fascinating experience for me. He is a graphic novel/comic book writer, although he has also written a successful prose series. If you are into these things he has written Lucifer and The Unwritten. These are big deal Vertigo comics that I have read and loved. This guy is a big deal. And there he was opening a library collection in Hertforshire, reading a story out loud, and chatting to me about myths. 

See, I'm quite a shy person really. When I meet new people I try and cover up the shyness with humour or controversial opinions but I am always an introvert pretending to be an extrovert. So when I met Neil Gaiman I crumble away in nothingness. Neil Gaiman in my favourite author (or Dianna Wynne Jones is, depending on my mood) and I have been to a number of events with him present. I wrote my dissertation on his work. I have most of his books; read his blog and tumblr; follow his Twitter and quote him in conversation. Yet, whilst I believe him to be a nice person, the overwhelming awesome of his person makes me mumble and run, or on the last occasion look at the signing line and say like a quitter "to even queue would make me sad because nothing I can say in the sixty seconds together will let him know how much he means to me", so I just walk out. 

Back to Mike Carey. I was not only was front of the queue (second to the boy eager to use this as an opportunity to get into comics), I actually talked about my favourite work of his and we actually discussed Neil Gaiman's Sandman a little and why Lyta Hall was such a great character. He told me I was clearly his key audience for his book The Furies. I had to let the next person through, but he said he would like to speak again if I hung around and, as I was getting a lift back with the event organiser, I did. In all this I didn't feel my usual shyness or crippling insecurities. I didn't worry about whether he would respect me or understand that I was somehow special. I just felt like me. Talking to a person. About books. 

And that's the kind of thing that makes me happy.

What's the difference between them? I'm not sure there is one. Gaiman is more famous than Mike, it's true. But Carey is by no means obscure, as I said. I think the difference is in me and my attitude. I just refused to let myself be awed-out of myself. I think maybe next time I see Gaiman (in October at a talk on myth: booyah!) I will stand in the queue, take my books and let those sixty seconds just exist without having to mean something. And hey, maybe Neil will respect me anyway.

Dress: ebay; jacket: New Look; Short: present; Hat: charity shop; Socks: some random little shop; Shoes: Matalan

There are always several photos where I just laugh at it all. This is where it begins.

Elephants are not Irrelevant.

Woa. It's my face! HUGE. Looks kind of weird, but I like my little freckles.

We do so many photos these days! Andy is getting trigger happy!


  1. That must have been a great opportunity, there are many favourite authors of mine that make me think I would really love to have a conversation with them about books.

    The elephant print on that scarf is brilliant, lovely hat too, it really suits the colour of your eyes.

  2. 1. That elephant scarf is wonderful. 2. You had a chance to meet Neil Gaiman and you didn't?! I guess I wouldn't have known what to say either. 3. Good for you for seizing the opportunity to talk with Mike Carey! 4. I went to a lecture once that Jonathan Kozol gave. He's one of my heroes. I also once attended a lecture given by Jane Goodall. And one by Alice Walker. I loved them all.

  3. I just want to reply to your comment on my latest post. Obviously, you have never visited my blog before and don't know my background or history. Like I had already replied to Maria on the matter, I am Mexican. And no, I am not scared of people that aren't white. I'd probably be even more scared of white people because they seem to be the ones who get away with everything. I actually consider myself a very tough and fearless person and I never thought that being on a dead end street would result in an encounter like that. Since you weren't there and you obviously couldn't see what was happening, you can't presume to tell me that my fear is based on stereotypes.

    I know what I saw and I relayed that information through my story. And it does not make me hate Mexicans or any other race for that matter. I have a lot of Mexican, African-American, Asian, Eastern European, etc friends and whether they had been of a different race or not, I would have stated that. Not because I'm a racist, but because that is what it was. Telling the truth is not a crime. And I'm sorry if you and Maria both think that because I list their race I'm calling them out and bashing them, but I am Mexican too. It's not prideful for me to say that people of my race can hurt people. There are bad people of every color and every race.

    I also live in an area of California that is very populated with Mexican immigrants. It is a poorer area than the surrounding areas and on certain occasions, you do have to watch yourself. Not because there are Mexicans, but because there are gangs and crime happens in my area every day. So I will not apologize for being scared of being in a situation where I put myself further from my home and I get encountered by 6 guys.

    If you decide you want to reply back to me to discuss this further, you can email me. My link is on my blog. Any further comments on that post regarding attacks on me will be deleted. Thank you.


  4. Aw! What a fun scarf! And I love your blazer! (I'm obsessed with blazers for this autumn!)

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm so glad you liked the photos, and yes, I did take them myself. The only time I really have anyone take my photos for me is if my family is out and about and I don't want to hold everyone up by taking the time to set up my camera + tripod (the whole set up + taking the photos usually takes about 30min! O.O). Other than that I am perfectly content to do it myself - I guess I get a bit control happy when it comes to my photos. Hehe.

    So glad you like my blog! I love hearing that people enjoy reading what I put so much heart/soul/time into! <3

  5. Wow you look awesome, this outfit is pretty stylish <3 thank you so much for such lovely comment on my blog <3.

  6. I love Dianna Wynne jones too (well, and Gaiman, though I haven't read all of his work).

    I like the hat!