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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

In which it is my Birthday

Actually it was my birthday on Sunday, but this is my first blogging chance since so I am celebrating it again through prose and photographs

I didn't have a party or anything huge like that, but I did cook pancakes for breakfast (both savoury and sweet), watched the Bourne films, played Scrabble, built a Lego helicopter and ate Japanese food out in the evening. All the things I love.

So, after that recent post of all the things I wanted, I did indeed get some money which I managed to get a ton of stuff with! I got a new pair of shoes just like I wanted. I found the perfect pair of red brogues. I am absolute sucker for lace-ups and should to do a photo of all my pairs at some point. I actually have oxford heels as well, but you will not see them in the blog because I rarely wear them. I buy them because they are beautiful and then find out how uncomfortable they are. And then I just admire them for a few years before giving them away. These new red shoes are similarly uncomfortable with newness but I will put up with the bleeding for looking so splenidiferous.

I also got four scarves for my birthday! Four. My neck will never be cold again! One of these is featured below, and I intend to show the others in upcoming posts.

And, as I wished for on my list, I got Lego from both my boy and my sister who know me so well. I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet, but I will. I also got a tea set from his parents, a new Dianna Wynne Jones book and lots of dvds. Pretty much spot on. :)

This is what I wore on my birthday, doing that childish thing of wearing all my new things at once.
I adjusted the colours here a little to make the jumper accurate. As I commented last time I wore it (in a ridiculously similar outfit) my camera refuses to get it the right colour.

One of my new scarves and my spare glasses (I feel weird with these on but they match my red theme)

I also bought myself some nail varnish from Topshop. Been after a brick red colour for ages.

New shoes! Shiny shiny brogues from Salt + Pepper

Coordinating these pops of red everywhere again. After my last post where I had so many nice comments on my engagement I also feel it is legitimate to share the ring again.

My dinner. Nom nom. I only thought of taking photos a few minutes in, so there was a lot more than this. Oh and Andy had food too! It wasn't just me. His hasn't arrived yet here.

Miso soup. Mmmm.


  1. Happy (slightly belated) Birthday! Movies, Pancakes, Games, Lego Helicopters, Japanese Food - how wonderful! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Those red brogues look great, especially with the red bag.

    And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, as for the little quote in my post it's one of the many different versions of a poem by Ogden Nash, I think.

    - Willow

  2. Happy Birthday! Your new shoes and nail polish look wonderful! Pancakes, presents, Jason Bourne, Scrabble, Legos, scarves, shoes, dvds, books... wow!

  3. So cute! Happy Birthday!


  4. Wishing you a belated happy birthday as well as huge, warm congratulations on your engagement (beautiful ring).
    Quite a haul of birthday goodies too. Pancakes is the birthday breakfast of choice for me and my brother too.
    I have to say that I'm glad it's not just me who buys wonderful looking brogues only to find the stiffness of the leather simply makes me hobble. I have a great pair of men's black brogues, exactly the right size for me, but oh are they painful to wear. I do hope these red ones prove comfortable though as they look rather wonderful.

  5. Happy Bday!
    Thank you for following me, I already follow you :)!

  6. I love your shoes! And happy birthday!

  7. Loving all those pops of reds!

    And dinner looks yummy!

  8. i love all of the fall colors in this - the outfit is like perfection for fall. and that soup looks SUPER yummy. i'm particularly hungry right now though :D and your engagement ring is indeed too pretty to hide :D

    oh and that's AWESOME for a wedding topper - the lego minifigs! in orlando there is a station and you can mix and match - you can make yourself (kind of) or whatever you want. we did it actually we did it in legoland in california when we went there (it's awesome, by the way)

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway