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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In which I am excited about Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra

I almost feel silly for mentioning it because, being the Most Funded Music Kickstarter of All Time, you have probably already funded it. But, I am incredibly excited about Amanda Palmer's new album and I shall do my portion of squeeing in this space all the same. If you have funded it, then you perhaps share my love of her and, if you haven’t, perhaps you might want to go look up some Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer creations.

I have been a fan of Amanda Palmer since I was about 14. At a sleepover a friend showed me the video for Coin Operated Boy. I cannot lie –at the time I think I was watching a film or something and did not instantly say ‘Oh delight of my ears. Indeed, at last I have heard the music of heaven’. No, I actually paid a vague amount of attention and went back to what I was doing. However, it did stay in my head long enough for me to look it up the next day. And look up the Dresden Dolls (the band she was originally in). Listen to Girl Anachronism on repeat. Then copy my friend’s album. And buy the others. And the t-shirt. And all the subsequent albums. And go to see her. Like that.

(Completely independently this same thoughtful friend was the one who first gifted me a Neil Gaiman book around the time I had picked up my first Sandman book in the library. They had a spin-off to Gaiman’s originals, but that led me to search out the rest of the series. Bit by bit I became Sandman-and-Neil –Gaiman-hooked.  You may recall that I wrote my dissertation on the Sandman and a critical essay on the Wolves in the Walls. When the two got together my mind was blown. I actually phoned friends to tell them. People I hadn’t spoken to in months…)

So here she is with a new album at last! I do like some of ‘Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under’ and her ukulele album, which were her two most recent outputs, but not as much as ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer?’. This new album has had similar time, energy and a coffee table book as that fantastic set of songs and I CANNOT WAIT.

Here are the specific things that make me happy about this kickstarter success:
1.       Her happy face
2.       Gigs in London now that I actually live in the South
3.       New music
4.       New artwork which is accompanying the album
5.       Getting a new vinyl could be the encouragement to actually buy a new needle for my record player
6.       The power of the community and success of Kickstarter is exciting
7.       My happy face

Also, it you haven't heard of Kickstarter prepare for amazement! It is the most beautiful thing about the internet and modern culture. It is the revival of the patron and proof of the value of the arts and I would go as far as to say proof of the goodness in humanity. I really think it is fascinating on an anthropological level. Look what we can do. Kickstarter.com -go and see what people are creating and what magic is coming into the world. : D

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