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Friday, 25 May 2012

In which there is sunshine and success

I have had an abundance of wonderful things in my week and they just keep coming. Considering the past Posts of Sadness I have indulged in this is going to be a Post of Gladness, but hopefully not in a Polyanna way. 
The shine on everything is the sun. I often refer to myself as a ‘Sunshine baby’ which I think I got from the book Sunshine by Robin McKinley (one of the best vampire novels out there, featuring a baker as the central character), but I possibly just made it up. The sun charges me up, makes me do things and fills me with happiness. It makes me friendlier and filled with self-belief. Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the walled cathedral gardens reading a book outside and watching these two mothers with their babies playing and chatting together. It was a wonderful atmosphere of contentment.

So what else is great?
Well, I fixed my long pink skirt where the fastening had broken and got a new top –which called for this outfit. It’s funny, because I am so short I have always felt that I couldn’t wear full length skirts because they make me look even shorter, but screw that! I think this skirt looks great anyway.

Following on from my post about finally liking pink, you can see I have embraced it fully here. It is so odd. Until writing this blog post I hadn't even considered it, but me of a few years back wouldn't have been seen dead in this much 'girly'. 

 I also read Hexwood by Dianna Wynne Jones earlier this week. I have talked about her before, but whenever I read something undiscovered of hers I am once again blown away. No matter how much I may love to write, or how good I get, I will never have ideas as original as hers. Hexwood sucked me in for days through all its plot twists and I am once again awed by her writing. (It is also dedicated to Neil Gaiman which makes a nice connection to my other favourite writer.)

Talking of writing though there is something else I am very proud of. On Monday I interviewed a film director for work. My first ever interview. She is Hanna Skรถld, the director of the Swedish language film Nasty Old People who is attempting to fund her next film through Kickstarter. Please read the interview, tell me what you think and give her some pennies if you like the ideas. 
It is amazing to me that I have had that opportunity. I feel like my career has gone round in circles, but that right there -that's me being a journalist.
 I hope you have also had a shiny week.


  1. So girly and beautiful <3 Pink and yellow are one of my favorite combinations! I also just love your satchel- dreamy! x

  2. Recognise that bag :) haha <3