Origami Girl

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

In which I come clean about blogging

I have had an awkward guilt-ridden relationship with my blog at times and I have decided to come clean.

I started this blog to do Something Original On The Internet.
A grand aim in our open information age.
I was going to write an entire blog from the perspective of Origami Girl.

Origami Girl is my alter ego. The girl I would be if I had super powers. She makes things out of origami and they come to life. I wrote some short stories about her and know her inside and out. My boyfriend and I made up little tales where we were both superheroes and we would go on fantastical dates together, like he would make a boat out of ice and I would give it paper sails and it wouldn’t be a problem that I can’t swim. My alter-ego probably can swim pretty well actually, but the water makes her washi-paper wet. Not that I am hung up on my poor swimming ability; it’s completely incidental and never an issue. So… firstly I wanted the blog to be a ‘creative writing exercise’. A test of my skill if you will.

However, I also wanted it to promote my jewellery business. I was going to make origami-themed jewellery and other great things and people would love the character and associate it with my Eccentric Accessories. The thing is it didn’t work like that. I wanted to write a blog that I would want to read and in general I find craft blogs boring and self-absorbed[1]. Harsh, but self-promotion isn’t interesting. Second of all, the origami jewellery? Not actually my forte it turns out. Some people do it much better. I make things out of buttons and toys, with Operation charms and dominos –but not so much the origami.
Don’t get me wrong –I tried self-promotion. I really wanted to make money from selling monopoly house earrings and I STILL DO[2]. I just want the blog to be more than that now.

The creative writing was its own issue. If I want to take the self-deprecating angle I can say it was because I am not a good enough writer or not determined. Pretending to be someone else all the time is hard. So I watered down that idea a little bit and let the fashion encroach, whilst keeping sly references to saving the world, origami and a secret identity (ie. the not-showing-my-face thing). Over time Origami Girl has just slipped away from the internet and back into my subconscious.

I like blogging for itself. I love clothes and fashion in ways I never expected. I like to write. I also like me. I would like to be free to talk about toys and tulips and the TARDIS without worrying about how my alter-ego would phrase them. 

I still love origami. I still make origami, but I can’t be Origami Girl any more[3].

The blog is actually going to keep going the way it has been for the last six months, but if I want to put up a little creative writing it might not be in the character of origami girl. If I want to put up fashion photography I want to be free to show my face. I hope those of you who read it at the start enjoyed reading my little tales, and I hope you enjoy what the blog has become and will be. Thanks.

High quality origami jewellery made from folded silver. It blows my mind. Found on etsy.com
The kind of jewellery I actually make. Monopoly dog pendant. Available from me/Eccentric Accessories.

[1] Like all things there are some wonderful exceptions. I would recommend Scientific Culture for one.
[2] Although the business is currently on hiatus as a result of moving house.
[3] But the blog domain name and banner are staying for now. Afterall, I am into origami –I just haven’t yet figured out how to save the world with it.  


  1. I think you absolutely have accomplished your goal of doing something original on the internet. It was original to me, anyway! Let me know if you start a new blog, I'm still interested in reading whatever you write!

  2. Your jewelery is so cute! I started my blog partially to promote my Etsy shop as well but now it has turned into something much more than that. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog - I've just begun reading your blog & having just come in at this post, am rather intrigued! I think your jewellery is incredibly cute, & it's great to focus on something you enjoy & are good at. A blog can be anything you want it to be, there's no need to feel pressured into pigeon-holing it one way or another. I'll certainly keep reading :)

    Now following you :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets