Origami Girl

Thursday, 26 January 2012

In which I discuss board games and cherry buttons

I have a friend who has wonderful luck finding things in charity shops. I have had some pretty good finds in the past (my winter coat for example) but in work clothes, where I am trying so hard, I score nothing. I think there must be someone in her size and style just donating things for her to find. Even this weekend I popped in to the local Oxfam at the weekend and sighed over finding not a single shirt I liked. However I spotted something quite different and just as fantastic as a pair of designer shoes going for £10: A Mah Jong set.
I actually already have one, but a mini version a friend gave me. This set was in a beautiful box, complete amount of tiles and even the little bone scoring sticks. Only going for £20. I have since looked it up online and equivalent sets go for at least £80 so that is my charity shop deal.
To me a Mah Jong set is the definitive item to have in a house. I have mentioned my love of board games very recently so you can see how quickly I amass them, but it is really nice to have something this beautiful. I can’t wait to put all our board games together when we get a place. In our house with friends last year there was quite a collection, but about half were ours! Add to that the ones bought in the last few months and the ones I didn’t take to uni, we are going to have so much entertainment we shall have to throw a board game party. I look forward to photographing the pile to share here.
Behold, photos of my Mah Jong set:
In other news, as I fail to find anything in the charity shops I have been browsing on Asos for interesting work clothes.
I am looking at these shirts and trying to work out whether they are really nice or I am just being tricked into believing they are nice because the model look hot in them. Cherry buttons for instance. Is that quirky, but smart or really just childish and not work suitable st all? Or is it just that the model reminds me a little bit of Amelie in the first photos and I am suffering from a brief girl crush, unable to see beyond her cute surprised look? I don’t know! I sound very fickle, but it is always the problem that clothes generally do look better on a model than in a shop and online shopping doesn’t allow the key element of looking at me in them. I thought I would share these with you and ask for opinions.


  1. I like 1 and 3 as work clothes and my gut reaction is that they would look good on you. Cherry buttons are, in fact, funky, and not at all childish. They are also very you. the blouses in general I also think are entirely appropriate for work, and would like nice if they weren't being modelled by an attractive woman!


  2. For the board game I envy you. My Oxfam finds were 2 male knitted jumpers both oversized which suit me and a lively little Chinese tea cup and saucer. Finding the mah jong was a steal. I doubt I would have left it there. It looks in perfect condition too.
    The shirts you picked out. I'm not a big fan of the first or fourth but the second and third would look amazing as complete work outfit. What I try to remember with clothes is that its your wardrobe so you have final say and you can return things