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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In which I (rather late) recap my Christmas

The time has come (the walrus said) to talk of many things. In this case those things will be mostly related to Clothes, Christmas and Changes.
I had a lovely Christmas. In fact one of the best I have ever had, certainly the best ‘adult’ Christmas/ I think this is because I have fully stepped over to the other side and found it can still be fun. A few years ago I was convinced that whilst Christmas would still be a fun and slightly whimsical time locked in family traditions, it would never regain its magic, the magic of waking up at three in the morning and sharing my stocking with my sister.
This year we played epic amounts of board games (especially Articulate) and ate enourmas amounts of food. I enjoyed making the food and so forth. I used to try and kid myself that I really cared about the church more than the presents. I would try and think about how the service is nice and we sing good songs, but it’s just lying to myself. It’s not the presents in and of themselves that I love so much, more the ceremony of it and the excitement. I am someone who when she gets a parcel in the morning leaves it till when she gets in from work to open it, in order to extend my anticipation. I love us all sitting round the tree and waiting to see what we got.
So what did I get?
I was building up to that.
I got lego of course. Specifically the Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego Board Game. Yes, life is great.
I also got a kindle –I now feel like a real adult on the train, but I feel embarassed when I see someone with the same cover as me, as though we are both wearing the same dress.
I also got this beautiful bird necklace from my boy’s family:
It comes with the wonderful cardinal jewellery box to keep the matching necklace in and I have been wearing it pretty much non-stop since the day I got it.
In fact I have put together an outfit almost entirely for the purpose of showing off the necklace. It included three of my other favourite winter items:

Blowfish ankle boots worn with frilly socks

Snuggling up warm in big shawlMy other bird-theme piece of jewellery.

I got to have the boy for the new year’s period during which we played with lego, more board games and went to a fancy dress party where I dressed as Marie Curie.
I call it a good winter break.
Oh yes! Changes. I haven't mentioned that yet! Simply to say that me and the boy are looking at houses together and I have got my first smart phone -these things combined with the real job and the kindle (in no ranking order) make me feel almost like a real person. I hope you all had good holidays too!


  1. Love the jewellery box especially. I like that "cardinal jewellery box" is a thing.

  2. You got some seriously lovely gifts for Christmas! I especially love both pieces of jewellery you received with the birds adorning them. So beautiful and whimsical! I have a necklace with a little birdcage at the end and a bird in it that I just love, and your pieces reminded me of it! :)