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Monday, 30 January 2012

In which I am inspired by other bloggers

I think I am officially back into blogging after my December break because I was genuinely quite excited about coming home from work today and blogging. After my previous post about a failure to find work clothes I had a wonderful weekend’s shopping.
(Girlnextdoorfashion, Weekend Remix: Red Zara Blazer)
I confess to being inspired/copying off others bloggers this weekend. Firstly, Charlotte from Girlnextdoorfashion –even more so than I first realised. I have been envious for some time of her collection of coloured blazers and determined that they were the next item I really needed for my work wardrobe –especially to add colour to a monochrome look. I bought this fantastic red blazer (shown below) which is really comfy –and then came home to find that she had done a whole post of red blazers. I hope I don’t come across as dull now.
(Someonelikeyou, Surprise Snow)
The other blogger I was inspired by was Lauren of SomeoneLikeYou. I wasn’t actually copying her clothes this time, more her style… in that she takes pictures in the freezing cold and shamed me into taking some clothes off. Well, just my coat actually. On Saturday for shopping I put a lot into my outfit, wearing a nice dress etc. and took the camera. However, when it came to actually taking the photos I wussed out and stayed all wrapped up. On Sunday I was determined not to be out-done and finally took some photos!
(The blazer and belt are new from New Look)
Although I managed to buy lots of new things on Saturday (including some new Lego figures) I found myself feeling rather depressed in Tkmaxx and coming down the escalators turned to my boyfriend and commented that I feel that Tkmaxx is like an entranceway to Hell. With its bright lights and clashing orange and red signs and clothes laid out without logic the whole place gives me a headache. Then I really got a headache because I was squinting so much in the bright lights that I was temporarily blinded and banged my head on a metal pole I wasn’t expecting whilst an attendant watched calmly, expressing no concern like a patient vampire. When I looked in the mirror in the changing rooms I had an expression of pain on my face I hadn’t even realised was there. I am sorry to anyone who has worked there, but I have decided that TKMaxx is my limit to high street shopping.
I hope to show off my other purchases in the future. In fact, as most of them were for work, I hope to do a series of my work outfits at some point when the evenings are lighter and longer. I hope they won't be boring because I do like to wear things that are still 'me' to work.
Jumping on from clothes I would just like to add that if anyone wants to buy mini-figures series 6 I desperately want this clockwork robot:

I bought 3 packets at the weekend in an attempt to find this one little Lego and only ended up getting 2 pajama-wearers and 1 butcher! I need more friends to get into Lego. Please let me know if you do. I would love to have people to do swapses with.


  1. Sorry don't do lego, but have just realised your secret identity is now not so secret!! We can see your face! I might have to go back and see if this is the first time this has happened!


    1. Paul. You are very observant. I feel Origami Girl is powerful enough now that she doesn't need a secret identity.

  2. nice! xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from the leather satchel co. if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. I am sincerely so flattered that you would feature me as one of your inspired bloggers! It means so much to me...you have no idea! And I must say I just LOVE the beret you're wearing. You know of my affinity of berets, and this one is too darling ❤