Origami Girl

Sunday, 9 October 2011

In which I am in London

I’m sorry I have delayed again in writing another blog post. I was having a pretty bad week and I felt sure that whatever I did write would end up being tainted by misery and one sad blog post is enough for a while.
I will mention that during the week my computer crashed and was out of internet for five whole days. It was very stressful. Mostly because I thought it would never be fixed, but here I am! On the internet. I also have an interview… I know I said I had had nothing and here I am. In London with an interview in a few days.
So I thought I would ignore the bad things in the last week and do a little mention of some of the highlights.
My sister came to visit (which is in itself great) and brought a whole load of books. I mentioned previously that I have a lot, but I would say that she has nearly double mine. So I read some wonderfully predictable teen stories about a spy with excellent puns for titles.
And then a less predictable interesting teen fantasy about a poison taster. I recommend them both for some fun reading.
I painted my nails green and then orange
I gained a travel spirograph, which is totally awesome. I mentioned it ages ago on the post about my spirograph dress so I got my sister to hunt through her stuff and find me it.
I carefully bought my camera to London with me to take photos and blog whilst I am here. However I am an idiot because I left the cable which allows me to upload photos behind. Therefore the spirograph set above is not mine but from a site called samstoybox.com with pictures of lots of spirograph. However it looks pretty much like this in different colours with a few more wheels. I think the guy on the site would be jealous because I have all the pieces and paper! :P
And today? I saw my boyfriend for the first time in weeks. So happy things do happen.


  1. Thank you for the lovely song recommendation in a blog comment! You're so right: it is unbelieveably easy to relate to for me... Thank you for helping me to find some newfound inspiration! xx

  2. wow, have fun in London! too bad you don't have your camera cable, it would've been cool to see some photos!


  3. You definitly should read the follow up books to that one! They're great!

  4. see if you can find a card reader somewhere, or borrow a newish computer that reads SD cards (assuming that's what you use). whereabouts london are you origami girl?