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Thursday, 27 October 2011

In which I have afternoon tea at Harrods

So here I am blogging again after an unjustly long break. It turns out I am ditzier than I thought I was so I'm afraid the photos are still not mine, but I am going to cope for now. So for now I am going to a blog post about my 3.5 date. My boy and I had afternoon tea at Harrods for our 3.5versary. It sounds beautifully pretentious and is hilarious when neither of us have any money, but it was actually sponsored my boy’s parents who told him to take me out somewhere nice. So we went.
Not a great picture, but best I could find and it does show the pyramids of macaroons

Our tea was in Laduree. It’s like a little café or ‘tea rooms’ within the main part of Harrods that is pretending to be French. They serve French food and have a French menu and a décor that could be French but I’m not really an expert on the insides of French tea rooms.
It is all pretty and pastels to match the macaroons in the main area, but we were put into a little room that was all black and silver with strange blobs of black melted plastic on the wall alongside some statues of semi-naked women without legs. Charming, but mildly disconcerting at the same time.
Well let’s get to the food! This seems to be turning into a review (and it kind of is) but don’t worry, I will also mention Harrods’ toy shop later which will make talking of macaroons totally worth it. The website for Laduree described what we had as their ‘magnum opus’: 6 items of food each and a fancy drink otherwise known as Afternoon Tea.
Oh yes. We paid £25 each, but we did get silverware. Our meal came to us of a three-tiered silver platter. So the meal:
Finger sandwiches, vegetable, ham and cheese
Pastries: croissants and pan au chocolats
Desserts: layered piece of chocolate cake, raspberry tart and a raspberry macaroon.
These all had French names and, whilst I like French, I can’t remember them at all. Sorry!
My boy also had a deliciously thick syrupy hot chocolate that we dipped our croissants in. nom nom.

So it was super posh and pretty tasty. Perhaps overpriced, but hey! It’s Harrods!

Anyway the next stage of our date was the Toy Shop. It may seem strange to you that I and my boy would go to a toy shop for a date, but clearly you haven’t been following my blog for long because I love toys (especially Playmobil). I spent ages looking at every Playmobil set on offer, but then the boy spotted something beyond my dreams.There are little tiny werewolves!

It’s Dungeons and Dragons style Lego! With a board you can rearrange! And weapons! And the thief is even called rogue! There is a barbarian and a ranger! Like in all good fantasy RPGs! Oh how we squeed.
So we bought a set and have already played it many times and invented new rules and I am ready to combine all my other Lego games with this one. I want to buy all the other sets (good marketing guys) and build as many boards as possible. I am truly in love with this idea.

Cakes and toys. I call it a good date. :)


  1. Laduree is so good, isnt it! Hope all is well in London! (ps. the biscuit tin is from Marks And Spencer) :) x

  2. I went there the other week - I also managed to sneak in some photos:


  3. Happy 3 year anniversay to you and your boy! It seems as though you had a lovely day together :)Congrats again! <3