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Monday, 12 September 2011

In which I ask questions about my blog

I want to ask some important questions about my blog today.
I have been doing this blog for over a year and I have maintained around 20-ish followers for some time now. I’m very grateful for the followers I have! However, I have been finding more and more blogs that within a month or so gained over 100 followers. If this is the case I feel I must be doing something wrong. This post is also sparked by the fact that I lost a couple of followers recently and would like to know why. In fact I seem to be getting more comments and less followers so I don’t know what’s going on!
I know that my blog does not have such epic photography or designer clothes like other fashion blogs I read and short of gaining lots of money it is not going to get there any time soon.
However I can change other things. The important question is what do you want?
Do you like Origami Girl?
Should I cut out Origami Girl’s Heroics?
I started this blog as the story of a superhero who liked fashion. If you read my first blog entries they were more creative writing telling the story of my superhero alter-ego. As time went on I did these posts occasionally or slipped into just making joking references.
Do you want more outfit posts?
I have found that these are generally more popular, but it is also what everyone else is doing. Origami Girl was something that made my blog different. By changing that would I be losing my voice? On the other hand as Origami Girl you can never see my face in order to protect my secret identity.
Do you want more introspection?
I have made posts about sexism and theatre and other life issues which have also been generally well-received. A blog I love (Clothes, Cameras and Coffee) manages a beautiful mix of thought and fashion and is the kind of blog I aim to be like.
Is it possible to keep all three strands?
At the moment I do a bit of everything as well as some promotions of my etsy shop and features of other folk, but maybe this is confusing.
Does any of this matter?
One thing is for sure by the way guys: Playmobil is staying. Those posts about playmobil are true to me and my love of kid’s toys.
To thank you for making it through question-central I will leave you with some pictures which make me smile.
These are all from my 'pinterest' so you can find all sources here. I've only just joined but it is a lot of fun.


  1. hi there!
    Thanks so much for always commenting on our blog! It means a lot to us. We've been really busy with school and kind of slacking in the blog commenting and networking.

    As for you comment, I (Jessica) usually have either Anna (blogging partner) or my boyfriend take my photos. Sometimes I use a tripod, but I have a fixed body and a cropped lens, so it's really hard to do self shots. Sometimes though! Thanks! I really love the photos we have.

    As for your blog, it sucks when you put so much work into something and see people barely trying making money off of their blogs. I think it's equal parts effort and talent. To have a hit blog takes tons and tons of work. When we first started we'd spend two hours commenting on other blogs. We use Chictopia and Weardrobe to help with networking. We do fun little fashion memes like "Wear*It Wednesday's". The more you do outside of your blog, the more traffic you will get. Really, I think commenting on other blogs daily is the biggest thing you should do. After that, I think the design of your blog really is a deciding factor. You can have lackluster photos, but if the design looks good, more people will stay. And sometimes, people are just super lucky.

  2. Hi,
    Just a word about receiving more comments than followers: I follow your blog on Google Reader, and therefore don't show up in your list of followers. Others may do the same, so be encouraged by all the comments!
    What drew me to your blog was the quirkiness and inventiveness of it all. It is not just a fashion blog, not just a blog about a super hero, it also contains a little of your actual life, like your post about Edinburgh. I appreciate the mixture of interesting things I see in your blog. There's a little fashion, interesting pictures, photography, and general musings.
    But really, it doesn't matter what I think. Do you like your blog? Do you enjoy writing your posts? In a way, a blog should be about providing a place for you to unload the contents of your mind. I hope your blog serves this purpose for you.

    In short: I enjoy your blog. Do whatever you want, and just be yourself (as cheesy as that sounds).

    That may not be much help. :S

  3. That picture of the bride and groom with the roller skates is so cute! =)