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Thursday, 15 September 2011

In which I have a birthday (almost)

When I went to Edinburgh I persuaded my boyfriend to take some pictures of my outfits. However he kept taking pictures of my face instead, forgetting the point that it is supposed to be a secret identity. However I have a couple of redeemable photos.
I mostly wanted to show off this skirt. I feel that at the moment I wear the same thing every day. I love this skirt and wear it all the time. It is really comfortable and I love the shape and it goes with pretty much everything. It also looks fairly plain but has just a little bit of detail to make it feel special. Hope you guys like it.
2 Outfit possibilities. The skirt was a charity shop find. Both tops are actually from Dorothy Perkins.
Oh and tomorrow is my birthday! However I had a mini-birthday today. Well basically my family celebrated it with me with the traditional lasagne dinner and I opened my presents. I always have lasgane on my birthday. For as long as I can remember it has been my favourite thing. Anyhow, it’s pretty much like today is my birthday, apart from the fact that it isn’t. I got some pretty sweet things that epitomise my mix of girly and geeky. My boyfriend got me all the Step Up dvds (girly, but we both love dancing so also romantic) and the Bleach films (geeky). My brother got me Fable (geeky) and my parents got me orange nail varnish! Woop. This is exciting because I specifically asked for it when they asked what I wanted and am happy even if it is one tiny thing. They also got me some tea bowls and are getting me a mini-photography studio. Not a room. It’s like a white tent with bright lights. Hard to explain but it will allow me to take more photos like this:
I haven’t been able to take bright crisp photos for a while because I actually did it by borrowing my friend’s lightbox. Soon I will have my own! I will be able to take photos of everything, so long as it is small. I will take my mum’s cakes and my sister’s lego and I will photograph it all. Mwahaha. Ok, photography isn’t evil, but you get the sentiment.
Oh and this doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be any better at outfit posts, but Dad also found a tripod when I mentioned that it would be useful. He was all “Oh I’m sure we have several.” I mentioned it before. My family are hoarders.


  1. lovely post!


    Meena ♥

  2. Items of clothing that are really versatile - like your skirt here - are ones I return to again and again too, to dress in different ways. For me it would be my vintage cream culottes. They go with everything and can be worn whatever the temperature or season.
    Happy belated birthday. Your mini 'tent' studio sounds amazing. Will look forward to seeing the photographic results

  3. I love both outfits, the peter pan collar top is pretty x

  4. I love the peter pan collar. I also like the way you found different ways to wear one skirt.

    <3 Rachel