Origami Girl

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

In which I wear turquoise

This outfit is typical of my obsessive use of turquoise. I have so much in this colour, but it is my favourite: somewhere between green and blue and reminds me of a shimmering clean sea. Beautiful.
I am also wearing a brand new blazer. This was a perfect case of blog advertising. I needed a jacket for office work anyway but I’m not sure I would have bought this particular one if I hadn’t seen Annika of According to Annika wearing one so stylishly.
I love how I feel smart on an ordinary day with this. I also don’t really like wearing black so knew I didn’t want to go to an office like I am going to a funeral. Anyway I went shopping to look for a blazer and this was by the door in the first shop I went into. I felt a bit bad, like the shopping was a little wasted but hey the jacket is awesome.
(Dress: Cafe Society, Jacket: H&M, Bangle: Charity Shop, Earrings: Made by me)
I know the dress is really short by the way but I am actually wearing a pair of short shorts underneath so I’m not actually flashing my panties. I’m a bit worried though because when I first got this I wore it as a dress straight off without realising quite how much ass it showed. Now I never wear it without the shorts! It also means I can wear a dress whilst having my hands in my pockets. Yeah I’m so graceful.
Oh and this is my boy. He was wearing a nice jacket and the light was good so I thought I’d sneak a picture of him on here. I think he is very handsome. He is also a superhero too but doesn’t worry about identity issues because he spends the rest of his time living in the Himilayas and has ice powers so he knows he has nothing to fear from super-villains.


  1. Oh, turquoise looks SO very lovely on you! It's one of my favorite colors to wear, as well as, coral! Both are perfect to brighten up a dreary feeling day :)

  2. Turquoise is such a beautiful colour, and so versatile! It looks beautiful with your colouring :)