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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

In which I talk about the Edinburgh Fringe

I had a beautiful four day holiday with my boyfriend. It was perfect in so many ways and only slightly tainted by the knowledge that I won’t see him again for about a month, maybe more. I experienced so many things that I don’t really know what to blog about. I thought I could talk about the outfits I wore as I did get him to take a few photos of me. However the last thing I did was an outfit post and I don’t believe that my clothes were anywhere near the most interesting thing in Edinburgh. I considered talking about the city itself, the strange point architecture of Edinburgh. The most obvious thing to talk about is of course the theatre. I was there for the fringe: to see a multitude of amazing theatre and comedy. It certainly provided that. Instead I’m going to mingle it all up and talk about some of the things I thought about and throw some awesome buildings in at the end.
I also thought a great deal about the world. I saw some of the best theatre of my life: a performance of three of stories by Edgar Allan Poe (suitably called Tales from Edgar Allan Poe).
It was beautiful and blood curdling and so so impressive. They did The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher and The Tell-Tale Heart. They are all told in the first person and so they maintained the story, it wasn’t turned into a play but rather into a dramatic monologue with parts of it acted out but keeping the original words. The Fall of the House of Usher off by heart! And it felt so real. I was truly blown away. I wanted to shake the performers hand and hug them all when it had finished. There was also a trapeze and puppets but done in a way that fluidly melted into the storyline rather than being jarring and confusing.
My boy and I came out of that well and truly impressed and more than a little terrified. Poe really is scary when you hear every word felt.
During all that I was thinking. I had a revelation: This is what life is about.
For me all the rest of it, the jobs and the stress are about those moments. About watching perfect art with the man I love.
Then I thought -this is what humanity is about: Our ability to create great art. In that moment I felt perfectly content.
It all sounds a bit grand and pretentious perhaps. Yet I really believe that things like the fringe are the key to being human.
I also went to see Amanda Palmer and heard Neil Gaiman on stage. They were as fantastic as ever. I thought about them too. About how strange it is to see your heroes, to have them walk right past you and I just stood there. What was I going to say? When the gig was finished they stood in a line to sign things and this time we didn’t bother. Not because I don’t want to but because I find it all a bit awkward. I could say ‘Hey Neil! I wrote my dissertation on you! And maybe a piece in a book! I have everything you have written nearly!’ but what would that get in response? I doubt that he would have a lot to say. Standing in a queue with 10 seconds to talk is not how they will get to know you. I used to think that what I want out of life is to be the kind of person that these two heroes of mine would want to hang out with. I have come to a certain realisation that it is hardly likely that they will ever invite me to a crazy art party where we all dress up as mermaids and play the lute. I’m not even musical. However I do want a life which is filled with creativity and art. I want friends who are as cool as those two (and I think I have that). I want to throw awesome parties (and when I have my own house I will). I can be inspired by my heroes but although I quote Neil Gaiman once a day I want to live my own life that isn’t standing in a queue and hoping they will like my dress. I want to be inspiring not just inspired. I want to be magical
There we go! Some musings on hero worship!
To finish it off I will give you some photos of the amazing architecture of Edinburgh.

I took these pictures as evidence that Edinburgh is the pointiest place around! So many spires and gothic architecture. I love it.


  1. Greetings from a girl lost in Russia! I just stumbled across your blog and after skipping merrily through some of your posts at a prodigious rate, I must say I'm very pleased I found it. Your posts are interesting and intelligent and your pictures are great. I hope you don't mind if I join you on your journeys in "blogland".

  2. what a beautiful city!

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  3. BEAUTIFUL!! :)



  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! It's great reading your thoughts because it's my dream to live in London one day! xoxoxoo

  5. Oh envy, envy, envy! You got to spend 4 days at the Fringe AND you got to see Neil Gaimen at the Book Festival. I went 2 years ago and loved every moment of the complete immersion in culture. I SO wanted to be there this year. However, really enjoyed reading about your experiences of the festival.