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Saturday, 13 August 2011

In which I offer some bows

I thought it was perhaps time to mention my creative outlet of jewellery0making partly because it has been a while and also because I had an idea.
I know that not a lot of people read this so doing a giveaway might just fall on deaf ears, however if you do and are quick it makes you a lot more likely to get free stuff than if this was a blog with hundreds of followers.
Anyway. This is how it is. I became obsessed with making bows not so long ago. I made so many sitting at my desk all day stitching pretty buttons onto them. I made a blue one with a whale sewn on and dropped a tiny piece of glue on it by accident. I washed it and scraped it off so you can hardly see it is there. Trust me, if you were wearing this no one would see. However it is not good enough quality to sell and shows up a little in photos (see below). So. I could either keep it for myself (but I have lots of bows) or give it away.
It has a barrette clip on the back that is 2” long. You will not be able to get all your hair in this but it is good for half up/half down or just putting a little up on the side.
I also have another one. A green bow with a button with a smiling bee on it. I really like this one and am loathe to let it go. However as I said, I have lots of bows and lots of buttons. I must look away from the happy bee and not be tempted by his innocent smile!
The problem with this one is that I attached 2 other bits of ribbon to the bottom of it but they have started to fray. I’m not sure how to stop the fraying, I think it is because of the way I cut the ribbon. I learnt my lesson for the next one. Again, this is still wearable but I don’t believe it is sellable.
It has the same style barrette clip on the back.
Anyway. If you would like either of these bows please email me at ruthcoustick@gmail.com
(which is obviously not my real name) with your interest and address. First come first served.
I actually made tons of bows and have put some of the good ones up on ebay and some others are going to an exhibition in Birmingham for Living Hope with a percentage of the sale going to the charity. So yeah, if you live in the midlands you should go to the event because another friend of mine is doing performance art there. Follow above link.
See bows!
I’ve put links to my etsy shop underneath just in case you fancied paying money for them…

P.S. At update time (20/8/11) I have sent off the whale hair slide but I still haven't given away the happy bee if you would like it.


  1. Hi there! you look soooo gorgeous.. am a new follower here =)) check out my blog and follow me too if you like,, I want to see more of your post =))


  2. Ruth, this is utterly the cutest thing ever!!

  3. I am absolutely addicted to bows! That whale bow is just sooo adorable! Very cute! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -