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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

In which I list my childhood obsessive collections

When I was a kid I had an obsession with collecting things. I also felt that if you gained a number of things, no matter what they were, they became A Collection. Once a group becomes A Collection it gains a sacred status in which all effort and money spent on it is totally justifiable.
I blame my Dad for this. Honestly, last time we moved I unpacked a box full of slide rules. There were about 5. He claims this is a collection. I think maybe 20 is a collection, 5 is just 4 too many of a mathematical instrument you just won’t use.
I thought I would have a look at some of my own childhood collections whilst poking fun at myself (and doing lists again!) I am not of course including my proper grown-up collections like hats, buttons and Bunty annuals.
1. Packs of cards.
A small pile of some of my favourite packs of cards and some jokers
I have collected cards for a very long time and this isn’t entirely a childhood thing. I love playing cards and usually carry a pack around with me in my handbag in case of spontaneous boredom. However it is not even souvenir cards I am interested in. My particular obsession lies with jokers. For some reason I am scared of clowns but love jesters. Really. I love Harlequin from Batman and medieval jester figures and joker cards. I keep a look out for interesting ones.
2. Frogs.
Ok, this one is weird. When I was younger I thought frogs were cool. I mean they are pretty cool now right? You know little jelly eggs, turn into tadpoles then become colourful things that leap around… no? Perhaps you don’t think so. Anyway I also collected frog things. Mostly various plastic toy frogs. I have more around somewhere but this little frog pencil sharpener was all I could find. Oh and frogs are cool because that’s where we get froghoppers from!
3. Postcards.
I collected these almost by accident. I don’t think I ever viewed them as collection but last week I actually halved this pile. I have so many partly because they are a cheap holiday memento (it’s a picture of that place we went! I must have it) and partly because a LOT are from relatives. It is also because my high school had this thing with giving out free educational postcards at the library. I quite liked a lot of them, particularly ones with Shakespeare quotations on them. It’s those free ones I’ve generally thrown out.
4. Metal Historical Figures.
This is another one of my holiday buys. When we went to castles or historical houses I liked to buy a matching figure. My sister had lots too and I was probably partly copying her. However some of them I really loved. One in particular was a Boudicca figure –a woman in a dress with a sword. I used to carry around a tobacco tin with a picture of a snow leapard on the front and inside I kept a carved wooden spoon I got in Kenya, a pack of cards and my little figure of Boudicca. Sadly I lost my lucky box on holiday and have mourned it ever since.
Well there you go. What things did you collect when you were little and what now? Anyone still have bizarre collections going?
Oh and I will stop posting about my room and do outfit posts and things again soon. Im just not living with the boy anymore and so don't have a willing and beautiful photographer.

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