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Saturday, 16 July 2011

In which I post about the fabric of doom and a parasol

I thought I would do another outfit post today, mixing up my blog with feminism and star trek toys and origami and viscose shirts...
I bought this shirt I am wearing from asos.com because I am a little bit in love with one of the models on there. No joke. Everything she wears looks hot and she has such a happy smiley elfin face that I want to buy the clothes and look like her. I don’t know if models have ever worked so well as advertising before. I thought the shirt looked really hot on her and plus I am after some smart clothes for doing work that isn’t kicking ass.
So here is my outfit of choice with the shirt.
My cute blue shorts (gift from Inside the Mind of a Discoball), my favourite bangles (random shop in Edinburgh), red beret (gift from a friend), said shirt (asos) and parasol (also gift).
Just noticing that this outfit was very nearly free... I have good friends.
This is my second red parasol because some friends tried to practice fighting with the first one and tore the paper. They plotted their quest for forgiveness by presenting me with this one as a gift, thus putting me in a happy mood before surprising me with the news they had broken the previous ones. Crafty people I hang out with.
The thing about this shirt that drives me mad is the it is made from Viscose. Probably the most horrible fabric in the universe. The fabric of doom. Seriously. It isn’t real stuff! It always feels slightly stiff and needs ironing after every wash! I can’t get the creases out at all, which is frustrating for photographs and generally it doesn’t look as good as it does on my pretty elf model. I despise the fabric but I suffer through it all the same for the sake of a pretty bow.
However I have tried to cleverly draw your attention away from the shirt’s weakness in my photographys by showcasing it with with a parasol to distract you. Parasols are great. I genuinely walk around with mine on hot days and have taken it for walks to protect my victorian pale skin. It also doubles up as a weapon because you can hit someone pretty hard on the head with one. A paper one is better for me of course because using my powers I can turn the parasol to steel and so make it a formidable weapon folder or unfolder. The silk one will do for picnics however.

Oh and this is the model I'm in love with:


  1. You wait until you see my latest post... our shirts are freakishly similar. And we're both wearing them with blue bottom halves. Very strange.
    Have you tried hanging the blouse up straight away after you've got it out of the tumble dryer? That might help. Or maybe just not tumble drying it at all, and leaving it to air dry on a flat surface.
    You can tell my main job at home right now is ironing can't you?!

  2. Your parasol is so gorgeous! I am oh-so envious!

    Lost in the Haze