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Sunday, 8 May 2011

In which I catch up and have a satchel

I have not blogged in so very long I know. It’s embarrassing but there has been a great deal going on in my life over the last month and I had so many life decisions to make that I decided to wait a little while till I had figured some things out and was feeling like a normal person again. Not that feeling normal is actually normal but that’s a weird problem I shall ignore for now. I shall try not to ignore my precious 20 followers any more.
So anyway… I went on holiday to Texas for a couple of weeks and didn’t take any photos. I’m a bit embarrassed by this, especially as I just found a new blog called Polienne in which the author has so many beautiful photographs of places all over the world that she goes to for her job. It is not especially impressive for a blogger as this internet world revolves around pictures. However I hate to be taking photos of things rather than actually experiencing them. I have no problem with people taking photos but it’s just not something I do on holidays. I wanted to be totally enjoying myself.
I really enjoyed the sun and mostly the food. I ate such amazing incredible food. I tried gumbo and etouffe for the first time; had spicy sushi, Carribbean steak, lots of shrimp and seafood; went to a churrascaria and ate far too much beef and enjoyed tequila salsa.
It was very much the culinary holiday.
I also celebrated 3 years of a beautiful life with my boyfriend. We went to shopping together and ate pear and gorgonzola pizza (again with the amazing food). It was the same day we got some bad news but we tried to just forget it for the evening.
Anyway as a present I got him some malachite cufflinks that look a bit like globes to match his international travelling.
He got me this amazing bag! There is a whole story behind this bag. I had pined for it for weeks and got very upset about having no money. It became a representation of all the things I had failed to achieve in the year because I didn’t have the spare cash to buy myself this one beautiful thing. This was a couple of months ago. Then he gave it to me on our anniversary! I stroke it sometimes. Anyway here it is:
Look at all the pockets! It also has lacy leather, a beautiful clasp and lots of room. It is seriously the perfect bag.
This is the outfit I was wearing with it today. The velvet jacket is also an acquisition via my mother from the 70s. The skirt is charity shop find, top, XXI in America, bag Nico and shoes: Marks and Sparks. The brooch is one that belonged to my grandma and I should have done a close up of.


  1. Love the satchel


  2. You're so right: that bag is absolutely beautiful! Goodness, what a dream it is... And how sweet of your boyfriend to buy it for you. If that's not a true gentleman I don't know what is!

    Congrats on your three year anniversary! :) How very special.

  3. How nice that my blog meant something for you! I'm so happy for that.
    By the way; I totally love that bag! Great three-year-anniversary-present :)