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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In which I squee about a pretty dress

Do you ever wear an outfit that makes you completely happy and skippy all day?
This is my such outfit.

I was a little sad that no one noticed its perfection even when I shoved it in their face 'look at me look at me!' I said. 'My ring perfectly matches my outfit!'
And no one cared.
So I was driven to the internet to explain in full detail.

See -the ring has a turquoise button (like my tights) with a navy blue button (like the dress) that has a gold trim (like the dress) and white thread (like the spots) Marvel in its awesomeness!

Also, I like these shoes. :)

Oh and if you like the ring you can buy one just like it from me...
That was a completely shameless plug just then, in case you missed it.

In other news for Valentine's day me and John took down a viscious group who were breeding half-human, half-cat creatures to be future spies. That had been a great plan but we didn't think about what baby/kitten crossovers would be like... too cute to destroy is the answer!
So we handed them over to some motherly aliens we know to look after.

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  1. Oh my this is such a cute outfit! Your polka dot dress it just too adorable, and I of course love the fact that your ring matches your outfit. It's funny because ordinary people usually don't notice those types of small lovely details, but other bloggers always do :)

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I appreciate it so very much.