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Thursday, 20 January 2011

In which I play with zombies again.

Todays blog is an eclectic mix of delights and some (much improved) photographs of pirates.
I have done all sorts of crafting lately including a necklace from a t shirt into a crazy scarf type thing.
I confess this wasn't my idea. I got from Scientific Culture who got it from another blog, who got it from a video. And then it turns out that there are people making these all over the internet. However I like it enough to share it.
This is how someone does it properly
I also went a little bit playmobil crazy again today.
I made a whole new display, putting away the Christmas adventure and bringout Arabian pirates! Oh yes. My sister got me a lady pirate for Christmas and so me and John played around and built up a scene based around that slight increase in pirate figures.

There is a pirate court on one side of the table and at the other end their treasury is being attacked by zombie pirates. These arn't just any zombie though. They are rather idea-stolen living undying dead pirates as in -they cannot be killed. Dum dum dum! Guarding the secret meeting to discover how to destroy the zombies. Two zombies against the lone man with a crossbow. The captain fends a zombie off whilst her men hold the ladder in place, dragging some treasure to hold it down.
The whole scene in all its glory.
I havent mentioned anything about my superhero activities lately I know. I have been experimenting with my origami powers some more in order to create a new tool for my crime fighting. More on that next time!

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