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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

In which I plan the next year

I have been a terrible blogger for the past weeks I know. However there was a genuine real as life excuse. My laptop died. It was soul crushing, like watching a puppy die. My laptop has been there for me through zombie attacks and obsessive youtubing. However there was a plus side! I have a new laptop and the old one got taken to pieces in order to make jewellery. Yeah I am going to make a new load of jewellery from keyboard keys. Once I had the idea my little brother offered me a spare keyboard of his so I could take all the keys off that.

From this: To this:

Christmas was fun although there is always that awkwardness of hoping those in the know don’t let slip you’re a superhero at the dining room conversation. I’m sure everyone has troubles like that.

Oh yeah and it’s the new year isn’t it? So in the blogging world that means I have to either talk about what I achieved in the past year or what I’m going to do this year.

Well, plans for the next year are:

-New products for my business

-Get my jewellery in a shop

-Destroy the world’s evil laboratories

-Improve my origami skills

-Go to Japan

-Learn nun chucks

-Get featured on other blogs

-Find a non-origami formed unicorn

-Be a happy shiny successful bunny of awesomeness

I also have a couple of other new things:

These were actually made by my mum (photographed by me) and have inspired me to play around with my sewing machine a little bit more, maybe make other cute as pie decorations.

So generally feeling all crafty inspired this year!

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