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Thursday, 23 December 2010

In which I am excited about Christmas

Above image from Baltimore Crafters Blog.
So here we are then. Christmas Eve eve. As some people like to call it. As it is nearly midnight it is practically Christmas Eve now, which means it is Christmas day tomorrow! I’m somehow kidding myself that that’s how it works.

I have left my home town and returned to my parent’s place for Christmas as has John.
We are actually in different continents at the moment. Now we may have superpowers but actually neither of us have powers that lend themselves to travelling over vast spaces very quickly. We can travel long distance for free definitely. However even my giant origami birds take several hours to cross oceans. So it means for now we must be apart. Also he is rather sad that I am in cold weather that he loves for keeping his ice powers subtle and of course he is in nice warm still weather that keeps my washi paper from getting wet!

Also there is always that awkwardness of the fact that my parents don’t know that I’m a superhero. It’s an odd thing to have to keep from them and it is always there in the back of my mind the knowledge that they don’t know about it.

In the mean time though it is Christmas! Which means all the traditional things are being formed. Mulled wine and rum butter made, tree decorated and macaroni cheese being prepared. We have macaroni cheese with our Christmas dinner yes. Do not question the madness.
I have also been playing plants vs. zombies rather obsessively. I need to find out if someone can make this happen for real. We all know zombies are real. Now we just need to give plant personalities and tactics but not make triffids...

Have a good Christmas everyone!

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  1. I LOVE plants vs zombies! I even shelled out the $10 for the HD edition for the ipad! So good!