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Thursday, 16 December 2010

In which disaster strikes for Origami Girl but she still gets Christmas Dinner

I was right about something terrible happening on the twelfth.
The scientist set fire to my local bookshop from the safety of a hot air balloon by pouring petrol over it. Nothing could enrage me more than endangering the life of books. Or people who work in a bookshop of course...
I raced to the scene with my costume on as fast as I could and saved everyone who was inside by making a paper team of firemen who couldn't be injured.
I did everything I could to save the books but nothing could be done. I guess that is all over. On the other hand, they probably have insurance (although maybe not against vindictive maniacs).
I flew up on the back of a giant origami crane as soon as I was sure everyone was safe but although the hot air balloon was still there, the crazy looking figure from above had completely vanished.
One day I will capture this guy who only fights from a distance! He is clearly aiming his attacks at me though rather than a general chaotic delight in random burnings. This one is personal.
To balance out this horror I have had some beautiful times in the last week including a run of delicious Christmas dinners including one at an Italian... nom nom. Linguine steak pasta for the win.
In other news: I was featured on a blog! This is my first feature for Eccentric Accessories and makes me very happy!
Here it is:
Talking about my monopoly house earrings and other gaming delights.
Go check out the blog. It is very much my thing as a self confessed nerd and superhero. The owner reviews all sorts of geeky handmade products.

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