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Sunday, 5 December 2010

In which I list the things that make me happy

This week I am going to offer you a list of things that have made me very happy in the last week. I've actually had a rather bad week so I decided to ignore all that and think about the good parts.

-Making new jewellery:
I have had some wonderful deliveries in the past week of new jewellery making tools including some fantastically shiny wire. Sadly the 50 barrette slides I ordered were the right length but not the right width. However I think I can work with that. I can work with it enough that I made a whole bunch of button barrettes and brooches.
The above are for the craft fair I will be in in just over a week!
-Joining a team and being featured in treasuries:
I have joined a team for EtsyYouth and have also made a treasury to celebreate this featuring EtsyYouth.
I have also had my wonderful gold vintage button necklace featured in a couple of treasuries lately. This one is especially beautiful
-My shiny shoes:
I feel a sense of perfect happiness whenever I wear this combination of gold brogues, socks with bows and smooth grey tights. (However I am actually wearing double socks in this image as my tights are in the wash, but you'll have to ignore that)
-Dancing to Latin Music.
-Solving puzzles:
I have had another letter from this mysterterious enemy saying he knows me secret identity and will reveal all.
Previously these letters had not been delivered to my house (which is naturally kept secret) but left at locations I frequent, like the forest. However this one was through my letterbox. However there is only one fight I have had in which I briefly lost my mask in the tussle. I immediately hid and made a new one, but I know which villain that was with and I know that he enjoys the waiting game far more than the fight.
-Making real bunches of flowers out of origami ones, even if they only last for an hour:
The below bunch were made by LiliesbyLisa over at Etsy.
Have a good week!

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