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Thursday, 18 November 2010

in which I get excited about bookmarks and curious about lightning

So I am very excited on the jewellery front as my mini bookmarks have arrived! Oh yeah!I know I know that many people before me have used moo.com minicards to make bookmarks. I'm not claiming originality in my idea. However I am claiming excitement in having them.
Look how pretty they are!
I have left them in a few placed in town and everyone I have shown them too are fairly enamoured with them. Basically they are like business cards but smaller and have a different photo of my jewellery on each back and my details on the other side.
More nice things! I decided to Google 'moo bookmarks' and see what other people had done with them. I found one lovely image and from there a brand new fantastic blog. It is a craft blog. Now it may sound odd (as someone writing a half craft blog) but I don't generally like them. Or I haven't found good ones. The ones I have come across often seem a little boring and overly marketing focused. The blog called Scientific Culture, looks amazing for a start with a really colourful background. They have also done articles on crochet covers for rocks and make cuddly Chlamydia plushies. I am sold. That was a nice happenstance with Google!
As regards the tale of the scientist which I promised I would tell you, there have been some strange goings on. There is nothing more specific I can give you on who it is. However lately there has been a lot of lightning. I know it is winter but I mean a LOT of lightening. Generally in my direction. Also this lighting is pretty thin. Proper lighting from the sky is fairly thick but these are little bolts. I have been fending them off so far fairly easily by making shields to block them which is one of the easiest folds to master. I have a feeling I am being tested here rather than any serious attempt being made. I think it is the same person behind this because once again there is no face to the attacks, rather sending something/someone on behalf of them. We will see what happens next.

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