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Sunday, 24 October 2010

In which I review some awesome blogs and think about the universe

I decided to break away from my usual habits in blog reading of looking up fashion blogs like Sea of Shoes and pining for beautiful clothes. I thought I would try looking for more things in my other interest –comics. What hero doesn't love reading comics and picking up tips? I found a list called the Comic Blog Elite. I've been scrolling through trying to find new good things to read. So many of them were just reviews of comics. I think if you are going to do that there has to be something to mark you out, other wise how can I choose which one to read?
I confess I have been kind of drawn to things to do with girls, like Has Boobs, Reads Comics or My Comic Book Crisis
Because hey I like girls being involved in comics. Interestingly both their latest articles are a pretty image feast. The former doing hot guys in cosplay and the latter doing the marvel swimsuit edition. Like this:
(Image credited to Marvel and My Comic Book Crisis)

Images like that kind of make the ridiculously huge breasts of Storm and Wonder Woman seem more acceptable. There was also a picture of Collosus in leapord print boxers...

However the best new blog I have found is 'Comics make No Sense'
Seriously I have been laughing hysterically at this for days whilst I back read it. He takes old comic panels and points out the ridiculous in them. I found another blog that did a similar thing but the commentary here is the true wit and the other one posted the panels with no further comments.
I have found it so funny that I was hunched over my laptop in near tears. If that's not a recommendation I don't know what is. :)

I have in the mean time been making a list of major problems with the universe and how they can be solved by origami.
When the internet doesn't work I have a moment of panic and think:
It's true I could read.
I could play scrabble.
Or I could save the universe.
Threat of Nuclear War -I really want to sneak around destroying all the nuclear weapons but I have a feeling that would just go terribly wrong. I don't know enough about science to carry this out successfully. This isn't Wonder Woman where I can carry it into the sea under my arm and leave it there feeling that was a job well done.
World Hunger –Already tried this one. Paper creations are just bad for the stomach. See entry
Racism – That one is really about the way people think. Not sure I can make people change their minds with my weapons. And tbh mind ray guns and the like usually fall into the villain category.
Global Warming –Ok I should definitely be able to do something about that. Like I could make a giant mirror for the sky. Or huge paper fans. Actually John could just make more ice caps for the polar bears. I might get him onto that. You know how it is with guys though. You have to poke them a bit before they save the universe.
Also I can make sure all my origami paper is recycled! Actually... I really prefer using nice washi paper and after it turns back to paper from being a gorilla or whatever it is usually ruined. Curses. Even my small attempts at saving the universe backfire.

The thing is when we aren't being attacked by super-villains or space robots it is pretty hard to save the world from these kinds of things. At least we keep the zombies at bay though!

Let me know if you know of any good comic-related blogs I should be reading.

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  1. Hi! I just became aware of this article! Thank you so much for mentioning Comics Make No Sense! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It makes putting the blog out every day so worthwhile! All the best, Adam