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Sunday, 17 October 2010

In which I go to the cinema and read comics

This has been a pretty good week apart from the fact that my body has given in and decided to have a cold like everyone else.
I have been drinking so much lemsip and paracetemal that I was getting dizzy. In fact I was feeling so ill that when there was a massive car crash in town and I needed to lift a car up I made a spider monkey rather than a gorilla to do the heavy lifting for me. Like this one:

Trust me it just got in the way and made the fireman angry.

I did take a trip to the cinema and watch Scott Pilgrim with John. It was definitely very epic. Never have I watched a film that made me want to high five people so much. I also came out of it with a very strong urge to go to rock gig. John said he would be sad if there weren't Chinese dragons fighting above the audience and I see I am going to have to persuade him NOT to recreate the scene with ice dragons Hitsugaya style.

I also happened upon a Wonder Woman comic. I don't generally read Wonder Woman. It kind of seemed to go against my feminist sensibilities. Yet when I was flicking through this one (from the 70s) I saw the phrase 'women's lib' and decided to give it a go. It was actually really good. All about when Diana Prince had no powers other than knowing karate and yoga. The adventure? She took down a corrupt supermarket owner who paid his female staff ¼ of what the men were being paid. They got him done by the police by finding out he didn't have fire extinguishers. Definitely very interesting to read it alongside stories with the more typical crazed psychopath as the villain. It's this one if you are interested. (Also after some internet research it doesn't sound as though it continued to be very feminist)

In other news I read this really interesting interview with Neil Gaiman. Oh he is so very shiny.

Have a good week guys.

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