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Saturday, 9 October 2010

In which I dress up as Princess Mononoke.

Sorry for the long delay in blogging. I have been incredibly busy so had no time at all.
I did however have a fantastic party. It was rather belated for my birthday as folks had been occupied at the weekend.
I spent aaages making my costume for it. It was themed on 'things you would find in a forest' and I spent ages on the planning. I went for a walk in the woods with my sister and gathered sticks and things and wild feral apples and put them in jars around the room. I bought beautiful lights disguised as cherry blossom and then wound plastic ivy around the window bars and dotted playmobil trees and unicorns around the tables. It looked so beautiful and atmospheric.
Here is a picture of one of my friends in costume, looking 'atmospheric'. :)
Thinking about planning the party with my sister, I have just realised that having a sister is kind of unusual for a superhero. I think the heroism works for them in the comics because they are all 'an only child'. So much angst.
I'm trying to imagine batman with a big sister. She wouldn't have stood for all that emo nonsense with dressing in black and going travelling to 'find himself.'
Or imagine if Spiderman had a younger brother who caught him flexing his muscles in the mirror. A little brother would have just laughed at the skin-tight outfit, although probably been quite jealous.
The only ones who had siblings were heroes in teams, I think without them people like Iron Man can only think of operating on their own. (Although I suppose he had friends who helped but shhhh)
I think it is similar to how in children's fantasy novels the parents have to conveniently disappear. They are always orphans. Although it is something that I really like in the Doomspell books. The kids there have parents, worry about them and try to protect them from the witches and so forth. Really really good series actually.
But anyway I do have a sister.
I dressed up as Princess Mononoke for the party. Finally linking back to my first bit about spending time on the costume. I went on a little tangent there.
So here are some photos:
Notice, still wearing a mask. :P I love costumes so very much. I really want to do a 'wolf suit' from Where the Wild Things are one day.

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  1. that's an awesome mask! i hope you had a wonderful day ! :) xxx