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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

In which I take down robbers

I tried so hard to do my post on Tuesday but time ticked by and I got sucked into making more treasuries on Etsy and then it was bedtime.
I am so happy about some of the compliments I have had on them lately. It makes me feel like this is something I am good at. My latest ones have all been on fairy tales. This one on Red Riding Hood and this one on Cinderella

John is back from his trip to the Himalayas and seems pretty smug about something though I'm not sure what. He got me a book of batman comics for my birthday and for inspiration. It's 'Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader' by Neil Gaiman (the author I'm obsessed with) The comic is written at Batman's funeral with an interesting mix of characters with totally different angles on how Batman's life actually went.
So this morning a couple of guys came round to the flat ostensibly here to fix our lights. Now in truth there had been problems with several lights in the house –about a month ago. The problem was long fixed. It seemed a little suspicious but I let them in, after all they could just have got mixed messages from the letting company. I took them upstairs to look at the lights and then they tried to go into a friends room and told me that they didn't want to keep me and they would get on with the job. Hah. Fat chance. I stood in the doorway waiting for them to get their tools out. They seemed to make up their mind and came towards me, the older guy grabbed hold of my wrists. Seriously?
I didn't even use my powers.
I just kicked him in the balls.
Then I kicked the other guy in the face and then in the balls.
Do they think we're stupid or something?
Just another event in the life of Origami Girl.
Oh and I bought myself a present today:

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