Origami Girl

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

In which me and John fight with tigers

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This is the story of how me and John first met. I apologise for its stilted manner but I am writing it as I remember it.
Back when I lived in Japan I was out in a wide expanse of forest training with my powers. I wanted to try and push how far things could go, which is hard to do in a city where you want to be inconspicuous.
I was just practising with creating animals in particular, seeing how well I could control them once I had made something particularly wild. John was on vacation in the city not far off when he sensed a huge amount of power being released. Instantly suspicious he headed off in my direction because he doesn't trust anything powerful he doesn't already know about.
I had made a giant tiger out of industrial rolls of paper! Seriously, it was pretty awesome. Not quite Godzilla levels I admit, about half a tree high. John remembers it as being the size of a barn but he does like to exaggerate.
With something this huge John assumed it was someone with evil intent as soon as he saw the tiger, not often a giant tiger is there with noble intent exactly.
Hey swung in with his ice sword and my paper one met in the middle, preventing the blow swiping off the tiger's head.
We fenced for a few minutes with our crafted blades and then I threw a huge crane at him with a gesture. He met back with a wave of ice pushing it out of the way towards me. I blocked it with a wall (the simplest thing to make: one sheet of paper).
The tiger was mauling at him with claws the size of branches in moments. John built an igloo 'What! A giant tiger!'
He burst out with an ice spear towards the tiger, and tried to engulf me in ice. It took me a moment to break out of it, I hadn't built walls on all four sides yet.
He rolled under and cut its belly with another sharp jet of ice. The tiger wasn't dead yet but pretty thoroughly wounded.
I sent a couple of snakes through the grass towards him; whilst he had been fighting my tiger I had been speed crafting. A couple of giant darts firing towards him as well, trust me, he was pretty bewildered.
With constrictors wrapped around his legs and trying to shield himself from my attacks he shouted,
"Who are you?"
"I'm Origami Girl" I replied, but then added aggressively, "Why did you attack me?"
I was pretty confused by the whole thing, but admittedly having a little fun. This was someone real to fight with actual powers.
"I must stop you taking over the world!" he shouted back.
I looked at him confused, "What? I was just training. I'm not taking over anywhere apart from this small section of the forest."
The tiger had gathered the last of its strength and was crouching for a final attack. Just as it leaped into the air John shouted,
"Oh crap. You're one of the good guys"
I waved my hand and the tiger crumpled into paper.
After that of course we started talking. We certainly did not start going out straight away, but it did begin a slightly aggressive friendship.
Sorry to those of you who came for the jewellery/fashion stuff. I got lost in reminiscing and couldn't shorten the battle anymore. Next time I'll do some more along that lines and show you my latest makes. I've been practising a little photography so I hope soon I can have something a little more impressive to show you. In the mean time here is a painting I did of our battle.

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