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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

In which I share some pictures and use a snake

Blog post.

Ok, this time I am going to endeavour to write a little less but give you more pictures.

I came up with a new piece of tactical origami jewellery today.

I was chasing a criminal in a very public place today and I really didn't want to reveal my powers. Usually they do some crazy raving about being attacked by birds and the police think they have gone mad and I am safe. Today I was on a crowded beach and had to do something subtle-ish. She was faster than me and getting away so I made a little snake and sent it underneath the sand towards her till it surfaced at her feet and wrapped itself around her legs bringing her to the ground. I could catch up and sort her out from there. It got me thinking though that I need something to simply help me go faster so I built this little ostrich brooch. Not subtle at all! But people DO a least ride ostriches and it should be lots of fun.

I have also become even more obsessed with Etsy, reading pages of advice to sellers. There is so much to do! Networking, joining a team, photography, making things, listing and relisting. I would spend all day on it if it didn't get tiring being on a computer all day and having to check in on police reports regularly.

Also I have been spending a lot of time drooling over other people's stuff on Etsy. A friend of mine got engaged and I have been using that as an excuse to check out some beautiful things. If me and John ever get married I want these at my wedding!

Enchantingsoapfavors also does a variety of carved soap flowers that are all really impressive but the pumpkin stands out to me as the best. Although this is also amongst the top:

I can't imagine anyone using these to wash! Too pretty to destroy.

Oh and inspired by the beach event I created my very first treasury themed on pirate princesses. I'm pretty happy about it and everyone commenting got into the pirate mood.Pirate Princess Treasury I'll leave with a sample from it:

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  1. Do not underestimate the ostrich as a battle mount as well as a speedster. They're pretty darn goofy looking, but one kick from those powerful legs and thick talons will lead to some serious injuries.

    Also, Lotus soaps? Woooow that would sell well here in Brazil, I think. Congrats to your friends o/