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Monday, 23 August 2010

In which I play dominos

I think I might explain who John is this time. He's a superhero too, but he doesn't really care if I let you know his name because he doesn't really have or need an alias, although if he used one it would be Glacier. You see, he lives in the Himalayas so he doesn't get bothered by paparazzi because they just won't make that sort of an effort for a story. As for villains interrupting his private life? He's just pretty confident he can take them down when he's not living in a mountain.
He's the kind of guy who has the opposite take from me on fighting crime. He sees crime rings and petty thieves as already being sorted out by the police, other heroes... and me. He just waits for world threatening things to come along. That makes him sound pretty arrogant and he is a little bit, but it is also mostly justified. He has power controlling ice. There's a lot you can do with that. Giant ice sword or ice beam to freeze someone completely, attacking them with multiple walls of ice. It's all pretty full on stuff (and showy) which is also why he likes to fight in wild locations for the space.
However he can be really sweet. Once we went on holiday in a boat made of ice with washi paper sails. As I said about our Edinburgh holiday we can also have normal fun times. He likes pie.

I might tell you the story of how me and John first met next time. Trust me it wasn't on friendly terms. There was a tiger involved.

There isn't a lot on there at the moment but I'm in a bit of jewellery buzz at the moment. The crime levels in my area are really low at the moment. Probably because I put most of them in prison. I'm thinking of moving from my current location in a years time. Perhaps go to Japan again and study origami.
Anyhow I have been having some free time to play games and feeling that as everyone loves games I would make some related things. This time with mini dominoes!
Here are a couple of examples!

I am not putting them up on eBay this time but Etsy instead as I think the shop looks better.
I've been learning how to use Gimp (that's a software program, with a dodgy name) and I am so proud of my banner. Heh.
Hope you like them. :)

So here is the Etsy shop I set up in my free time:

Also if you are on DA I have an account there too:

Have a good week.
Origami Girl

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  1. Wooow, you really do have a gift for making these accessories :0