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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In which I talk about zombies

Blogging again and this time on the day I want to blog! Yes I orginially planned to blog every Tuesday but that seems to have been interrupted by own business.
So here I am.
It has been an interesting week. John has gone away on some 'secret plan' stuff in the mountains which means I won't see him again for a little while for which I am a little sad faced. However life goes on.
I bought some new playmobil this week. You may not have guessed yet but I am rather obsessed with children's toys because I really can't grow up. I just got this set:
Zombie pirates! How awesome.
Well it is awesome until you actually fight them. I can use my figures to work on strategy. Once I had to face down a zombie family who were posing as drama students. These were intelligent undead rather than crawling along 'Braaains' type. They were luring people along to 'improvsed theatre' events and then eating them. I pretended to be a lecturer to get in and then crafted a whole audience out of paper. They ate them till they were stuffed and then went home where I killed them quietly and efficiently. Sorry for the gruesomeness today. I just can't play with my little pirate figures without remembering it.

It is my birthday this week actually! I'm very excited and wondering if I'll get anymore playmobil.
On the jewellery front I have been putting up more k'nex earrings which are here if you want to see:
I love that you can take pieces off one pair and put them on another!
I have been looking at masks a lot as I have been invited to a masked party for a few weeks time. I really like the idea of a felt mask, so much more confortable: This is by Autumn2May if you are interested in buying one. I have my own superhero mask actually.
Didn't think I was going to show you my full face did you?


  1. Like the mask!
    As for the zombies, here´s a birthday present for ya,

    Paper pistol!
    For shooting papers bullets and capping zombie asses!
    Seriously, destroy the brain, work everytime.

  2. Haha my son would love those playmobil figures. And speaking of super heros, I found fab pj's with a mask and cape... see here: http://cafebellini.blogspot.com/2010/09/our-little-super-hero.html