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Friday, 17 September 2010

In which I ponder

I am obliged to begin my post with Follow my blog with bloglovin if I wish to gain any more interest in my writings it appears. It seems a little dictorial, I'd rather it was just an option on the side but hey. I am a little disappointed that I have been writing here for months and have had so little interest I confess. I am just wondering if my exploits are just not daring enough.
However I enjoy writing this and keeping myself busy with it and it reminds me to keep exploring new ways of making origami defeat the world.
It was my birthday yesterday and I had a most fantastic day. I ate japanese food, hung out with some friends (even superheroes have some friends) and received a most beautiful mock-vintage record player. However woke up this morning with a letter from the tax man saying he will well be taxing me. Never fun at all. I'm pretty stressed about money at the moment I confess.
Apparantly stopping crime doesn't pay. :)
I will write a little bit more about my recent adventures shortly. For now I will leave you with a picture of a cake, because it makes me happy.

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