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Friday, 16 July 2010

In which I make a decision...

Ok back again.
So as I said I worked out I had these powers early on, but it isn't always the obvious leap to accept the responsibility. There will always be people who have powers and don't use if for their own evil purposes to take over the world, or to fight the world-crushing villains. Some people just live their lives a little bit warmer or a little bit stronger than everyone else keeping it safe and quiet.
Yet everyone has defining moments. The times when you make a decision about what you want to do with your life.
Well I had mine when I was 15.
I was in school late one evening working on an art project when I heard a couple of girls picking on am much younger girl outside the room. They were pushing her against the wall as she was trying to walk away and ignore them. There was no one else around in the long quiet corridor, they had clearly assumed no one could see them having their fun. I felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction rise up within me even before I had taken action. That hallway was littered with paper. Posters, flyers, notices all along the walls as well as huge dustbin at one end piled high with torn up work. It was a playground of paper for me. From one end of the dark hall I pushed all that paper towards the bullies creating a whirlwind of flapping thickened paper spirally towards them. It beautifully avoided the shaken girl against the wall and those other kids were swept out of the school by my paper tornado.
If I could do that in school, I could do so much more outside when I was older and free.
I still don't fight the biggest villains, the Galactus of this world. There are others who fight them, one of whom I'm particularly close to but I'll come back to that another time.
I just take down Mafia bosses, crazed murderers and over jealous step-mothers. That kind of thing.
Back to the present then. This week I am selling one of my very first disguisable weapons.
A shuriken on a hairslide.
When this is solidified I can reach up and dispatch a working throwing star at an unsuspecting criminal. No one queries a pretty star in your hair.
Here we are:
Ok. I'll also explain the deal with the selling part. This is going up on eBay as the blog goes up.


Hopefully the above link works. Otherwise search for barrette hairslide on ebay or seller mariel1688.
You can then bid on it as you see fit. If no one buys (and this is the first week so I'm not going to be overly optimistic) then I will just keep it for me and then if someone requests it at a later date if it is still available I will sell it outside of eBay, possibly through my website which is over at www.eccentric-accessories.com
The site is real and reliable but obviously the name and information is an alibi. I wouldn't actually give out my name on the internet that easily.
Back soon.
Origami Girl.

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  1. Hello. Uh.

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    I guess what I'm saying is.

    I'm watching you.