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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

In which we cosplay for honour


 These years it seems that the only thing I blog is my annual London MCM Comic Con trip. There's so much work that goes into prepping it, and I am really proud of the final results.

This year we went as different playable heroes from the game For Honour. So here's the standard set of us four, plus our orgin characters.



The naginata is actually made from a painted shower curtain rod, and some cardboard.

Fighting in the fields

We met some of the team who actually work on the game! They came over to say hello and admire their work.

Fear me.
I went on a bike.
  Bonus photo. Ok, so obviously there are tens of thousands of people in cosplay. But this makes me happy because as we were coming in on the train last year the guy on the comm was joking around with us and said "in case you were wondering, I'm DLR man." This year, we saw this. Did they get mascot costumes just for comic con? I can believe it. I've never seen a specific London line have it's own costume. Now they had two!

Plus here's the bonus 'work in progress' pictures for my nobushi!

Painting and creating the kimono jacket.
Progress from kid axes to cosplay axes.

Creating the 'wooden' mask.
Making 'bamboo' leg guards from foam.

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