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Friday, 2 June 2017

In which ComicCon got Overwatched


The most important pictures I'll take every year are my annual ComicCon photos. And this year is no exception. My crew went as 4 'casual' versions of characters from the ridiculously popular game Overwatch. Honestly, we were unprepared to see about 100 other people in the same charcters as us. But we still rocked it.

As usual, I'm going to do the 'side by sides' of our photos & our characters. Plus the best.

So I went as D.va. She's the mech-wearing pro-gamer selfie-loving badass that is my 'main' in the game. Here's what she looks like out of her mech-suit.

Image result for dva selfie highlight intro

I went as a 'casual' version of her, taking lots of elements from her costume and re-doing them for what might be her normal wear. I was also heavily inspired by the existing fanart. This year I didn't have as much time to make things from scratch. But the jacket was dyed from an original white version, with the patches sewn on. The headphones and the little bunny charm were also hadmade by me.

The art by  Jason Chan that was my main inspiration.
Just to get a sense of how many D.va there were:

The whole gang. 

My husband as McCree

I actually made lots of the elements here too. The little scarf, the elbow piece and the skull on his robot arm which we worked on making together.

Editorial Reaper & Soldier 76.


And for the fans....

Some of my other top Overwatch cosplays there:

And yes, there were people from other franchises present. For some reason this year I just didn't get many photos of them. But we did like this Steven Universe with dresses trio.

See you next year.

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