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Sunday, 20 December 2015

In which there is a Lego ninja village, and nostalgia

Making this village come to life has been my main occupation over the last few weeks. I've been working very hard in my 2 jobs, and feeling pretty worn out. I've also felt worn down by computers and twitter and all the jazz, so just having a project to work on that was nothing like that at all, and involved sitting on the carpet clicking bricks together has been beautifully relaxing. I love this village, and am really proud of it.

My next plan is to build a Lego onsen with little bathing lego monkeys, and then maybe a restaurant! I also love that the style of buildings actually look like those in Yudanaka where I was earlier in the year, in Japan, seeing the monkeys. Ok, so there were no ninjas there (that we saw) but the style and mood of this Lego brings me back.

I'll always look back on 2015 as the year that I got to live my dream and go to Japan.

Wolverine, on one of his many visits to Japan, enjoying a cookie. Well, as best he can with that permanent angry face.

This was the base of the large temple at the point I was confused as to what any of these seemingly random pieces were going to do.
The whole town as it is currently set up.

Man with own firework set, preparing for a proposal.

This little shrine is modelled off one that I saw in Japan.

This is the back of the large temple, with 3 full rooms of stuff.
If you hadn't spotted it, yes there is robo-ninja.

And why wouldn't Deadpool be there?

And Nya is my favourite ninja of all, so she gets to be at the front of the whole thing.

Also: Side point, I got Instagram, and I love it.  The instant hearts for posting things soothes my fragile ego. Why did I even bother with Pinterest for all that time? I'm called Nesient over there if you like these pictures & want to follow. I'm mainly posting stuff I see in London, especially graffiti, selfies, and Lego. 

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