Origami Girl

Friday, 20 March 2015

In which I'm off very soon


Once again it has been a little while since I blogged. I've been wanting to so much but I have been feeling so busy, and so stressed as result. I have been having headaches every day for a few weeks which, as I'm sure you can imagine is kind of maddening. And then today that classically awful thing happened where my computer lost something I'd been working on. You know, I've been using computers for a wee while now and yet even with all my knowledge and experience I actually have the classic file disappearance problem. Having searched in every possible place and used all the fixes it seems that the computer decided it didn't matter when it last did updates. But that's enough of that.

I decided to play a little Civilastion to calm my brain, because I do love starting worlds off, explording and conquering. And then Isabella declared war on me and I'm like 'Really? Come now AI, I'm having a bad enough day'. But now I've got their little chariots running away with their tail between their legs I though it was about time I tried to see if blogging would reduce my stress.

I've got a bunch of pictures of a random ruined building I visited with my parents. Although the most interesting part of that visit was the hardest to capture on my camera, and that's the pair of kites flying over the ruin. Although to us they were incredibly low, my lens couldn't capture them. So I have a few ubiquitous, look at this fallen tower in the spring light photos.

I took a few outfit photos recently, but I think we were a little out of practice and none of them came our particularly well. It didn't help that my hair was looking ridiculously long and weirdly lopsided. What I kept though are my new shiny shiny shoes which you can't quite see the full glory of here. But these shoes change from gold, to purple to pink in different light which is frankly amazing. And then this little Wolf & Moon necklace I got in a sale that matches the shoes so well. That designer's work is all lovely, and having found a local shop that sell them I shall be going back for more.

What I've really been wanting to take good photos of is my new haircut! I got it cut a week ago, and I've spent my time since then: fluffing it up, playing with hair clay and pulling faces at myself in the mirrored walls of the elevator at work. It's amazing how happy having short hair again makes me. So I have pretentious selfies and that's it.

I shall trying and get some proper outfit photos taken this weekend as I am going to away to a wedding tomorrow, so I might even wear something pretty. However, I don't know if I'll get the photos up after that in time. In time for what you ask?

Well, Thursday next week or 来週の木曜日I shall be flying out to Japan! That long awaited trip is finally here. I don't intend to take my laptop with me so I doubt I'll be blogging. I will however, be taking many many photos. I bought a new memory card just for the job! And even a book on photography... except I haven't had time to read it.

So in a few weeks you'll have nothing but photos of cherry blossoms and shrines!


  1. Omg, please do take photos, I can't freaking wait!!!! ^_^
    The new hairdo is awesome, I love this foxy color, so vivid and suits your skin tone, you look like a punk rocker music star! And that necklace is an eye candy, I love the colorful gems!
    If you like Civilization, you should definitely try Crusader Kings2, this game is a nerd's bliss!