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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

In which I'm all about that sunset

I went to a wedding and took a bajillion pretentious pictures of myself in the sunset. Because I felt awesome, and that's what I do. I had the best time at the weekend. The wedding was beautiful and intimate. The weather was amazing, despite being in Wale,s which is pretty often wet and windy. I stayed in a hotel on the sea front that was cosy and lovely and the light streamed into the room. And I met some wonderful people, and enjoyed a delightful amount of wine looking over my university town. So you know, all the positive adjectives were happening.

Also isn't Buffy dramatic? What's going on with Faith eh?

What's the you say? You know exactly what's going on because you watched all 7 seasons when you were 12 and what on earth I am talking about? 

Well, then. I guess some of us have some catching up to do! Yep. Basically that. For the last month of so I've been watching Buffy having missed it when it was actually 'a thing' and it is now on Netflix. It is such a good show! I get why all the people love it now. But I keep making the mistake of thinking it's a comedy because of all the repartee and humour and such, and then people die and my jaw completely drops. It just keep doing hugely dramatic things and then I'm like 'but but but, this is meant to be funny!' I just don't learn. Also, I love Spike, poor poor unappreciated Spike.

I really like the composition of this photo and the little bit of sun poking through the beams, but my face is just disappointing.

There was sun in my eyes ok? I couldn't actually look forward of I just look like I'm dying.
The wedding took place at the National Library of Wales which is just a fantastic location, And where I wrote my under graduate dissertation.

We went up the hill in the little victorian built vernicular railway, which I actually find kind of terrifying, but I distracted myself with taking pictures of the sunset over the sea.

View from the cart.
Actual shot of the Bride and Groom, the really important people on the day.

P.S. Nope, still not in Japan - that's Thursday! I did manage to fit in another blog post in the end. Now I feel a little bit like that thing when you say goodbye to someone and then you have to walk down the street together, but you've already hugged and then you are like ummm, do I hug again, or did that count? So don't worry guys, no hugging is required.


  1. Your outfit is beautiful and this wedding spot is a true gem!

    If you weren't on the other side of the country from me...I would most definitely let you borrow that blazer. I don't wear it all that often and would love for it to get more wear!

  2. nice post :) your blog is great :)