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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

In which we cannot get in

We are lingering outside this gate in all the photos because we actually wanted to go into the park but the gate was locked! In the middle of the day on a Sunday, so we had to to stand forlornly by the entrance and take our pictures there. What are they hiding from us? Yes, technically we could have found another park, but it was freezing and I wanted to be done and having hot chocolate. There were a lot of 'Ruth is very cold' pictures in this set up. I love this grey skirt but the wind flapping about it by my legs was less than pleasant. When Andy and I got back from our trip we were all, under the blanket, hot drinks, hot water bottle, heating on and let the snuggles commence! And then I felt ill for the next day, and my office heating wasn't working, but that's another story.

There's a whole lot of new things in this post. New skirt, new shoes, new jacket, new shirt. I love this outfit so much. This skirt was actually second hand from a friend's swap party. I'd never been to one before and it was amazing! People bought whole suitcases along. I couldn't believe that people even had enough clothes that they could get rid of so much. I got some sweet things though, including a small box of Lego (can you believe it! How lucky for me!), a really great graphic biographic novel of Kiki, the muse of Montparnasse, and this elegant skirt.

The jacket is more of a January present to myself which I count amongst the other splurges I am buying as 'for Japan' items, thinking it'll be just right for the spring and match all the cherry blossom.  Like I am thinking of getting this document holder, but can't decide if it is sensible as well as pretty, or just a thief magnet.

Anyway,  I have been wanted a leather jacket for the longest time, but couldn't find the right one. I even wasn't sure about this, whether the pink would clash with my red hair as the laws of colour say. But it seems to do ok. What do you think? Can red and pink be in harmony or have I just gone colour blind here?

 Stupid wind hair

Outfit details
Shirt: ASOS
Jumper: ASOS
Jacket: River Island
Skirt: Second hand
Flowery tights: ASOS
Necklace: New Look
Boots: Office


  1. Yaaaay, you're going to Japaaaaan, that's like my biggest dream eeeveer! You lucky girl! Please take lots of photos and post them here so I can live though youuu! :D
    Love the new purchases here, the jacket is perfect! My favorite combo is red and pink actually, a hot spicy red and soft pink, looks magical ^_^

  2. I actually love the look of red hair and pink clothes! Sometimes I contemplate dying my hair red for a little while and just wearing green, blue and pink. It's a shame that you couldn't get into the park, but it's lucky that the gate - and the glimpse of park that you can see through the bars - was pretty enough for a backdrop. Plus, the bricks really compliment the shade of your hair. I hope you enjoy Japan!

  3. nice!
    follow to follow?