Origami Girl

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

In which I have been distracted

I can't just keep making excuses every time I sit down to blog, as the last few months have been so sporadic. But all the same, I thought I'd do a little bit of a life update post, answering the question what have I been up to that's been keeping me from the Internet?

1. Christmas. Yes, it was a while ago, but all that Christmas stuff happened, and it was definitely one massive distraction. I went South and saw Andy's parents, and then North to see mine.
And I got some sweet stuff. 

We are calling these new suitcases our 'Stormtroopers on tour' look. And yes, that is a Lego luggage tag!

 We went to visit a fashion exhibition on feathers which was quite incredible.

 Once again I enjoyed having some relaxing moments in the countryside.
2. With a Christmas bonus we bought ourselves a brand new tv when we got back home. I mean check this out, it's actually twice the size of the old one. I'm almost embarrassed by how huge we went.

We also built that unit it stands on which I am so proud of! It was a flat pack thing, it's not like we sawed out the pieces, but I still put hinges on cupboards for the first time which isn't easy. The whole thing means games are actually readable, and we can even play 2 players things which before were too small. So I've been mildly addicted to Mass Effect for a while.

3. Our trip to Japan is almost all booked!
At the end of March my husband and I are doing 2 and half weeks in Japan. I am trying not to talk about it too much, because after all it's only a holiday to everyone else. It's not like we are moving there. All the same, it has been a life goal of mine for about 13 years, that is about to come true. So I've been working hard on my studying the language, going to my classes and reading my text book instead of novels on my commute to work. On my days off I have been going to my local cafe, eating tea cakes and writing kanji instead of blogging and I'm proud of how far I've come.

I have also succumbed a little bit of feelings of pointlessness about blogging. When YouTube is so clearly the thing of the moment, (or is it Vine? or Tumblr?) I sometimes feel that we're practicing a dying art. All the same, the words and pictures combo is what books and newspapers and films with subtitles are made of, so I think it might be kicking around for a while longer. I will try and do my best to go back to blogging, and get some outfit pictures done this weekend. After all, I have a beautiful pink leather jacket that needs flaunting...


  1. Nothin' wrong with takin' breaks or buying large television sets! My boyfriend had a big tv when we moved in together. It seemed massive, but it doesn't look too badly in our apartment and watching tv is delightful. I now get sad when I have to use smaller ones...It sounds like you had a nice Christmas and I love when bloggers share bits of their lives!

    As for blogging, I really feel ya. The Internet is over-saturated with the same content. Over and over and over and over. It's hard for me to want to even read blogs let alone work on my own. No body seems to care about posts that aren't outfits, but outfits are over done EVERY WHERE. Media makes it so easy for everyone to consume posts and no one comments or interacts on the blog itself and it really takes the spirit and the drive out of me. I don't think the art of the blog is dead, but I definitely think the landscape has changed and I don't really know how to feel about it. I guess I plan to keep writing until I have nothing left to say? My main goal is to add more of a variety to my blog and write more than just outfits. Who knows. I don't. I'm glad you came back and I think writing and talking about the weirdness is always interesting!

  2. One of my close friends spent her 21st birthday in Japan last year. I'm a little envious but also dead impressed by your preparation.
    Blogging and the audience for blog posts has changed so hugely, but then breakneck change drives every area of online interaction. Maybe we are practicing a dying art - but I think I quite like dying arts!