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Sunday, 20 July 2014

In which I praise the pixie cut

So it's been about 6 months since I first got my long hair chopped off and introduced myself to the world of the pixie cut. Then yesterday I took it one step further and actually had a section shaved off. It's an undercut, so it's not that obvious in this set of photos, but I love it. Since taking that first step of going short, it seems that I'm happy to just keep going shorter. So, as a moment of reflection and silliness I have put together my reasons why having short hair is the best.

8 reasons why I love short hair

1. Showers are so easy and cheap
Yup, a wee bit of shampoo is all I need now and I don't ever have to worry about having missed abit. 

2. Scarves take a good minute less less to put on. 
No more of that thing where I wrap the scarf round and then spend ages trying to pull every last hair that got caught in the process.

3. Hairbrushes are a thing of the past
I haven't brushed my hair since February. No joke.

4. Styling happens.
Despite having had long hair for years I never did anything with it. Now I have short hair and some clay I like to mess around with it, and give it some love. 

5. Towels are mainly ornamental and hairdryers actually work
With long hair it took about 10 minutes on the hairdryer, so I never bothered because who has time for that? Now a quick blast of air does the job.

6. I feel like I actually look like I've always wanted to
Getting to the heart of things now. I've always thought girls with short hair were really sexy. I've made a lot of purchasing decisions in my life where I've turned stuff down because I thought I wasn't 'cool enough' to wear or own those things. Now I'm saying - fuck it. I can be as cool as I want to. Right now, I'm finally being who I've always really been.

7. I can look adorable or edgy.
I love the way that the hairstyle can look all soft and swoopy one day with a pinafore and heels, and then a little more punk the next with a tomboy outfit. The flexibility is so much fun.

8. It doesn't catch on things. 
No longer do I get hair caught in the buttons of shirts or coats. No more necklaces getting bits of hair in the clasp. (This happens to other people right?) Everything is so much cleaner and less painful this way. 

There were totally going to be 10 but then I got stuck, ok? In summary, I am having lots of fun and spent yesterday post-hairdresser doing silly poses with my sunglasses and feeling like a goddess. Which is what I would call a good Saturday.  
Outfit details
Shirt & shorts: River Island
Necklace: Accessorize
Sandals: Next

So, have I enticed anyone into short hair yet? :P 


  1. For my own hairstyle choices, the impractical me loves long hair, but short hair appeals to the practical me. I can so relate to all the problems you had with long hair: the amount of shampoo you have to use (especially annoying because we buy eco shampoo, which is expensive), the laborious hair brushing, it catching on things, and (*cringe*) don't even get me started on necklaces! I got my hair - thick both in volume and in the thickness of the individual strand - from my dad, who has an afro, and it's very hard to manage; I can thoroughly comb out all the knots one night, put it in a plait/two plaits, go to sleep, and wake up with knotty hair!
    I don't really feel like short hair is very "me", but I adore it on other people (like you).

    It's great that you're loving your short hair and are enjoying all the bonuses of it. The new cut looks fantastic and really suits you.

    Beautiful photos and that old ruin is always such a great backdrop. You look so lovely and summery in these shots!

  2. I love my pixie cut so much. It's effort to maintain but it is so cute & easy to look after.
    I kind of wish that I had more styling options - I love braids - but other than that there is nothing bad about having a pixie, it looks so sophisticated ^^


  3. I do love long hair but I love my shorter hair more. It's only shoulder length but that's perfect for me. I think it suits my face and I love that I don't have to dry it anymore and I can just leave it to go wavy now :)

  4. 1) This outfit is AWESOME
    2) Your hair looks flawless in these photos and honestly, I think it completely changed your look for the better!
    3) I agree with this entire post, like times 100%. Thought the new found blowdryer love was just me!
    4) I can't wait till my bad cut grows out and my hair looks basically just like this.

  5. Oh man, totally agree with this one! When I had my pixie it was so liberating! No more combing, no more showering even, I was so happy! :D I'm having an itch to cut it again!
    I love your pixie, your hair is gorgeous and the pixie cut suits you so much!

  6. We agree! One half of us, Katherine, just cut her hair shorter recently (no that short actually- just above the shoulders) and it requires little maintenance.

    p.s cute set! We thought it was a romper at first :)


  7. I’m glad to hear how happy you are with that cute pixie cut. The advantageous reasons you have mentioned are facts about having a shorter hair. There are just some people who really suit long hair, but everyone is free to decide when it comes to styling their hair. It also depends on their taste and what they think suits them. Anyway, I love your new hair, and it definitely suits and frames your face well. Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous!

    Robyn Wagner @ Alternatives Salon Inc