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Sunday, 27 July 2014

In which I have fallen in love

So I fell in love with Hamstead yesterday. I fear it may be an unrequited love, a fairy tale love in which I pine from afar but where we can never be united. It is the princess and I just an explorer, a passer-by in it's fair realm. But I'm getting ahead of myself, I want to share why my emotions are all in a tangle over this little area of London.

I came for Hamstead Heath, the area of woodland and grass that people had urged me to visit, calling it the best bit of nature in London. The trees were definitely amazing, it was quiet and secluded. Wandering through the trees you were out of sight of buildings and concrete. But then as we left the woods, we spotted this scene, which at first look was a cross between a level in Prince of Persia (so many things to climb and swing on) and a scene from a children's fairy story.

The pagoda is public property, attached to a mansion just behind it, but every angle and section of it is pure beauty.  All day until that point I'd been unhappy, the sun was giving me a headache, and a bad day at work on Friday was lingering in my mood. I kept thinking about the things at work that were causing me stress, all that I have to do, all the things going wrong. This was the first time in 24 hours that I'd just been able to relax and be really happy.

This is me doing a happy dance at how lovely it looks.
 We were incredibly lucky to be there just as the sun was setting, so obviously this was the spot for outfit photos for the day.

Can't you just see a game level where you have to swing from one bar to another?
  Although the plants inside the Pagoda area were gorgeous and well tended there was a border of wild flowers between it and the forest below.

So, obviously on getting home we immediately looked up house prices in the area and then choke-laughed at the discovery that this is actually where millionaires live. On the other hand, we can always aspire, and save and hunt down the cheaper houses a little further away. But for now I intend to make amorous visits, explore the woods and be happy at it's existence.

Have you ever been here? Anyone have any recommendations of other places in London like this I should visit?


  1. Such a gorgeous place. Your photos are amazing! I've never been but seeing these photos, I think I should go!

  2. I love Hampstead Heath too, and your expedition demonstrates just how vast the Heaths are as I've never found the bit you show in your images. I especially like the mixed swimming pond and the ladies' swimming pond, both glorious (though packed) on a warm day.
    Have you been to Kenwood House? I used to visit there with my grandma and family when I was little so I'm not even sure where it is, but I know it wasn't a particularly long drive from my grandma's house.
    Your playing card print dress seems somehow very appropriate for the backdrop. Perhaps it's the slight Alice in Wonderland hints.

  3. What a sweet dress and wow, what a beautiful location this is! No wonder you fell in love!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Ooooooo, super beautiful. I am obviously an teeny tiny bit behind on my blog reading (eeek) but I kept seeing the picture for this on my bloglovin feed & thinking 'wow that dress looks so beautiful on her!' Now I've finally gotten to tell you lol ^^

    Sally x

  5. What an absolutely GORGEOUS place. Thank you for such a delightful photographic exploration. Since starting to comment, I've scrolled back up to the beautiful photos three times already! You remind me of one of the Queen of Hearts' card soldiers (from Alice in Wonderland), frolicking in what could easily be her garden.

  6. ....and now I've just read Rosalind's comment above only to see that she was thinking a similar thing!

  7. This place is stunning. We do not have places like this in Ohio. I am envious of the beauty in which you get to see! This dress is wonderful on you and perfect here. Also really loving the way you are styling your hair!