Origami Girl

Sunday, 9 March 2014

In which I celebrate spirograph

Spirograph. It's a classic kids toy from the 90s. It works something like the below:

You take a little cog with holes in it, place a pen in one of the holes, and spin it round a toothed wheel, making perfect geometric shapes. This little travel spirograph set belonged to my sister and after being jealous of it for years when I was a kid, I finally got it from her in my 20s. (Thanks Hannah!)

Every so often I do sit down and play with it for a little while. It is a perfect little box, and just like origami - something that is both creative and ordered. 

My spirograph Desigual dress was one of those perfect items that I saved and saved for. I saw it the shop  at uni, and fell in love with. Spirograph patterns in bright colours, just perfect for my love of the childish.
It was obviously well out of my normal buying price, but I went back and checked it was still there for several months, probably trying it on about 5 times... before finally buying it at the end of second year as a post-exam reward. It's been with me for many summers, but in the last year has become neglected at the back of the wardrobe. It's a fairly snug fitting dress and for a while I was overly conscious of how much weight I have gained since uni, but here I am even sitting down in it despite my awkward feelings.

This is all part of my current project which is taking the time in my outfit pictures to find a way of wearing clothes that have become unloved. If I can't find anything that makes me feel fabulous in them, then to the charity shop they must go. So far, my donation pile is staying very short, and my clothes are getting a lot of love.

The travel spirograph box slides open to reveal a little box for all the different size and shape cogs, and the level to put the paper in. Then it all neatly slots back together again.

Did you play with spirograph as a kid? Have you seen it before, or is this a new toy to you?


  1. I had one of those as a kid - not, in a handy dandy traveling case, but still. They were pretty awesome!

    Also, I'm loving your bag - so adorable!


  2. There was a spirograph set in my infant class at school (I went to a tiny primary school with 2 classes: one infant, one junior!) But I never had my own one. I'm not surprised that you fell in love with the pattern of that dress - it's wonderful and such a great shape too. I love rediscovering items of clothing that I've previously adored but not worn for some time. It's like greeting old friends.

  3. Oh man, this box is so cool!!! O_O Awesome idea too, never seen such a thing!!! O_o
    Adore your bag and the pretty dress ^_^ Very Springy!