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Friday, 10 January 2014

In which some new books have arrived

 Before Christmas has entirely slipped away from your memories I thought I'd share a little bit of what I got in my Christmas haul. There were lots of little things and chocolates and make-up and some corn-forks, but I always love books and I got some particularly beautiful ones this year. Technically the top 2 books were presents for Andy but as we share everything I thought I'd put them in the limelight too.

So we have from bootom to top:
1. Dungeon Masters Guide (2nd edition).
It's for Dungeons and Dragons and is from the very origins of the game. We have it very nicely sitting next to our fourth edition books, but now means we want to get the Dungeon Masters Guide for every version.
2. Black Orchid.
I have nearly everything Neil Gaiman has ever done, but yet this was my first time reading through Black Orchid, despite it being on of the very first things he did. It has absolutely stunning art work and a rather post-modern super hero story.
3. Locke and Key Book 4
If I was to persuade to you to read one comic book series, it would have to be Locke and Key. I am fairly sure I've mentioned them here before. The series is dark Lovecraftian inspired horror-adventure. It's a little viscous but I still have hopes of a happy ending.
4. The Pink Fairy Book
We got 2 folio edition books, adding to our slowly growing collection of these beautiful hard backs. This one has Japanese fairy tales, lovely illustrations and looks gorgeous on the bookshelf.
5. DSLR Handbook
This is what I actually asked for as my Christmas present. Having got my DSLR in the Summer it is about time I learnt how to use it properly. It's quite funny because the books is written with a really smug male tone. The author is absolutely certain of all the things you have to do in his way.
6. Moonfleet
Also a lovely boxed Folio book. I'm waiting for Andy to read it first before I do. Despite it being a classic I've never read it so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into an adventure story.
7. Sleepwalkers
This is the other non-fiction of the set. A look at the causes of World War One

That wasn't quite all the books we got for Christmas... There was this little stack as well: 
 A full collection of Meg and Mog books. When we opened them we weren't sure if they were a hint of things to come or merely a recognition of our childish side.

The Fairy Tail book goes perfectly with the bookends I got for my birthday too.
I got a little something else to go with my DSLR handbook. Finally a tripod too! So now maybe I'll do some outfit photos when Andy isn't around.
And of course it isn't Christmas without a little bit of Lego.
 I hope you had a good Christmas too! Did you get any good books? I already read most of mine so if you have anything good to recommend I am really looking for some new stories and authors to get into this year.

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