Origami Girl

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In which I get excited about a blue box

(Not that blue box by the way)

At the weekend I went vintage shopping on Brick Lane with some friends. I was hoping to maybe buy some boots, or maybe a nice vintage coat. Instead I was swept away in an antique shop by an old turquoise record box. I've been wanting one for ages because our records were in such a mess, spreading over the floor and falling over. The box I already had  It was so much fun carrying it around all day, matching my outfit. Because I get excited about things like that. 

Then when I got in we decided to re-arrange our entire living room based on this little box. Yup. Unfortunately I didn't take any before and after pics. However, the before was the record player on top of an ugly white ikea table with the printer underneath. Records and printer paper and cds all piled up and around it and the table itself sitting behind one of the arm chairs. The record player was only getting dusty. I suddenly felt inspired to change things around and make a feature of it, especially after spending some time searching for record player set ups on Pinterest.

 So then we covered the ugly table up and put it next to a chair rather than behind one. Then set up the speaker system on top (rather than on the floor). The speakers still can connect to our computer with some wire jiggling so Beyonce gets the base too. We put the pouffe we got for the wedding in front and the red and blue boxes are near enough you can sit down and flick through before putting them on.

Now I am back in love with my record player I am going to have to go back to buying records too! Well done for giving myself another money drain eh?

Amazingly both boxes look really good together with their delicious colours.
My Amanda Palmer record collection is the most beautiful.

P.S. Do you like my jumper? I obsessed over it on ASOS for a while and then caved in to the love, just in time for it to be in sale. I have so many galaxy print type items. This one is actually dandelions. I love it, even though it doesn't go with much and is so weirdly 90s. There's a matching skirt and I want to get it for pay day. Too much?


  1. Very cute look! I love the skirt!
    That box is pretty great!

  2. Some very nice record boxes you have - great colours, indeed! You've made such a nice little set up with your records and player.

  3. Awesome colors! I've never found a record box that wasn't completely unusable because it was falling apart. I guess that's ok because I have way too many records. Yes, I would probably need about 20 of those :)
    Love that it matched your outfit (I do like it by the way) I just love it when those things fall together!

  4. Love the galaxy print stuff, I don't really have much in that spectrum of clothes. You look lovely


  5. That is definitely a beautiful record box! It makes a great addition to both your lounge room and your outfit. You look very cosy in your fluffy beanie and new jumper.

  6. That record holder is simply awesome, great find. I love all the different colors and patterns in this outfit, turned out really nicely! xx

  7. Sometimes, just one piece can completely change a space - or inspire its new owner to change their space, as the case may be :) That record case is such a treasure. Our record collection is currently in a large milk crate and, while functional, it's not very pretty. I hope I'll stumble upon something similar to what you found one day!