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Sunday, 15 December 2013

In which there is art and fashion on Oxford Street

This afternoon Andy and I took a trip to Oxford Street. If you're reading this outside of the UK, iIt's one of the more famous streets in London. Where the H&M flagship stores towers, designer clothes beckon, and immense department stores steal your afternoons and betwitch you with macarooms. In the winter the whole place is shiny shiny shiny. Everything that can be is covered in lights, in a celebration of glitz that only just errs on the right side of tacky. I love it.

Andy I spent most of the time today in Selfridges, one of the big department stores like John Lewise or House of Fraser. He'd never been there before so we wanted to soak it in together. It's slightly more real than Harrods. It's almost as though we might actually be buying things there. Wereas at Knightsbrige we like to go in the furniture section and pretend we're really in the market, commenting on how the sofas aren't soft enough for us...

Back to Selfridges. It had so many things my fellow bloggers would love. In particular, a Tatty Devine shop with Tatty Devine crackers! Gah. And I touched a Vivienne Westwood jacket. I even tried on a hat that cost more than twice as much as my wedding dress. It even looked fantastic on me, before I gently put it down on the stand again and backed away in awe. I know, I know, I'm so lame, but I delight in the dreaming. And then I actually bought something from the toy section, so there. :P Even buying a present which was the original purpose of going there.

We've just about got our Christmas shopping done now and I think we've found some really nice things along the way. Although we didn't do Christmas cards. Maybe if I am really good we can do it on my day off. But Christmas really caught me by surprise. I'm trying really hard not to think this weekend about how much is going to have to get done at work in the last week before the break. Eeek.

But one more week and then I'm in Yorkshire with all my family again, and I just can't wait. I hope it snows.



I really love this outfit. I just bought the jumper on a complete whim from H&M and I feel like a David Bowie backing singer in it. 

Out and about in London we did see a number of strange and beautiful artworks. The mural we spotted to photograph by was down a side street from Selfridges and utterly beautiful. It seemed to be advertising a shop somewhere else. I really love and admire all the work that went into it. I felt like a real model posing in front of that glorious picture I have to say.
 Then in Selfridges there were crazy suspended mirror balls, lifting up and down continuously and casting bubble lights on us.

 An entire shop devoted to crackers:

A toy shop with Monster High dolls out you could actually play with. I stayed there for a little while.

An indoor circus with some sinister costumes:

I a giant shoe sculpture made out of saucepans and saucepan lids:

And a giant pair of headphones surrounded by miniature Santas.

Actually it was all quite an assault on the senses and we both collapsed into watching anime until about now!

How are your Christmas plans going?


  1. I am really digging this outfit! That top is so cool and its bold graphic look stands out really well against that wall. Such a well paired outfit/backdrop combo.

    Oxford street looks decidedly fun.

    Also, went back to read all the other comments on your previous post. Sparked such an interesting conversation.

  2. I really like that outfit on you. It is very you :)

    Glad you had a fab time shopping in London! Can't get enough of Selfridges, I mainly go for the make up, ha!

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference

  3. awesome outfit! love your lippy :) xx